1. Take the required XU Qualifying Entrance Examination  (Schedule for Entrance Exams:  Every Saturday of November)

  2. Result of the XU Entrance Exam will be released first week of January through XU Website using the password given to each examinee. (For Val/Sal, proceed to step 3)

  3. Those who are qualified to apply based on the cut-off scores are instructed to download the following scholarship forms:

    • Academic Scholarship Application Form

      • for Academic Scholarship (2 copies)

      • St Francis Xavier Grant-in-Aid Application Form

      • for St Francis Xavier Grant-in-Aid (2 copies)

    • Scholarship Recommendation Form  (2 copies)

    • Val/Sal Scholarship Application Form (Forms available at OSFA, 2 copies)

  4. Submit to the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid, Xavier University the following necessary documents on or before the deadline set:

    • Duly filled-up Academic Scholarship Application Form or St Francis Xavier Grant-in-Aid Application Form or Val/Sal

    • Scholarship Application Form (2 copies)

    • Printed result of the entrance test

    • Two signed and sealed scholarship recommendations (use downloadable form) from

      • 1 Principal

      • 2 Adviser or Guidance Counselor (For Val/Sal: Two (2) Letters of Recommendation: one from HS Principal and one from Subject Teacher or Guidance Counselor stating that the applicant is the High School Valedictorian or Salutatorian with a total number of high school graduates.)

    • Photocopy of Secondary Student’s Permanent Record (Form 137-A complete up to the last grading period) certified correct by the Principal.

    • Clear photocopy of Parents’ Income Tax Return or where not applicable, a statement from BIR of tax exemption. (For a statement of BIR of Tax Exemption Certification, please attach all other required documents, e.g. Certificate of Indigency from City Social Welfare and Development, City Assessment Department, etc.)

    • Additional requirements for Valedictorian/Salutatorian:

      • Letter of Application addressed to the Director, Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid, Xavier University, Cagayan de Oro City.

      • Copy of School Graduation Program

    • Additional requirements for St Francis Xavier Grant-in-Aid:

      • Certificate of employment and compensation (including bonuses, commissions, allowance)

      • If OFW’s must submit a copy of employment contract

      • Photocopy copy of pay slip for the last 3 months prior to submission of application form.

      • If parents are self-employed, submit a detailed description of the nature of work or business and an income and expense financial statement for the previous year

      • If parents are retired or were retrenched within the past 3 years, submit a copy of the Certificate of Retirement or separation with the amount of retirement/separation benefits received.

      • Photocopy of latest electric and water bills for the last 3 months prior to submission of application form.

  5. Interview by College Scholarship Board Committee (For Val/Sal, proceed to step 8)

  6. Receive notice of Scholarship Award through the High School Principal

  7. Return Acceptance/Non Acceptance Slip to Scholarship Office (Deadline for submission:  Third week of April)

  8. Process admission requirements

  9. Proceed to Scholarship Office upon enrolment for the following:

    • Tuition exemption slip

    • Fill out subjects enrolled in the scholars’ academic record

    • Scholarship Contract  for the signatures of scholar and parents