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Published on Sunday, 11 November 2012


Envisioned by Fr Ernesto O Javier SJ as a top producer of medical practicioners, the School of Medicine has been granted Level 1 Accredited Status. The School was recognized by the Commission on Higher Education as a Center of Development in Medical Education after its graduates consistently scored 100% in licensure examinations for a number of years since it started in 1983. It was likewise recognized by the Professional Regulations Commission and the Board of Medicine for having ranked second in the national Physician Licensure Examination in a span of 11 consecutive exams.

Inculcating in students an appreciation of human life and dignity, the medical education and training of its students are largely problem-based and use a multidisciplinary approach. The first year is devoted to out-patient care while the second year is focused on hospital care. In the third year, classroom sessions are integrated with clinical rotation in different clinical departments and with the community, in preparation for the fourth year, during which students' clinical assignments are mostly in hospitals under the direct supervision of training residents and consultants.

Having gained national recognition, the School of Medicine has been chosen by the Philippine Council for Health Research and Development as one of the satellite medical institutions for its project on the development of research capabilities. In collaboration with the XU Community Health Care Center, the School was also the pilot site of the Cervical Cancer Prevention Network Program in 2008, the first in the entire Mindanao area.

The School of Medicine envisions graduates who are committed to addressing the needs of society, particularly in Northern Mindanao. It continues to banner the provision of health care services that are acceptable, accessible, available, and affordable to our people.


The Xavier University – Dr Jose P Rizal School of Medicine hopes that, like the national hero after whom it was named, the graduates of the medical school will embody in their profession, a great love for and commitment to life, to the country and especially to the poor.

VISION -  A community of physicians of conscience, commitment and competence in the delivery of health care services, education and research in the service of the Church and humanity.

MISSION - We dedicate our individual and institutional efforts and resources to the:

  1. Promotion of a dynamic medical education that is sensitive, responsive, relevant, as well as committed in addressing the needs of society, particularly in Northern Mindanao;
  2. Affirmation that our medical school will graduate physicians who are competent, socially responsive, committed, and morally upright human beings, in accordance with the Jesuit philosophy;
  3. Provision of health care services that are acceptable, accessible, available, and affordable to the consumers of these services.


  1. To inculcate in the students an appreciation of the value of human life and the dignity of the human being.
  2. To motivate and assist the students to acquire professional excellence and develop the necessary skills of healing through appropriate, effective and compassionate patient care.
  3. To nurture in the students the desire for continuing improvement of the community through health education and sound management, as well as advocacy in public health and health policy issues.
  4. To promote medical research with emphasis on community-oriented projects and health related programs.
  5. To nurture in the students the passion for life-long learning.


The Dr Jose P Rizal School of Medicine is housed in a 5 - storey building located at the east side of Xavier University campus.

The first two floors house the Community Health Care Center, a secondary health care facility with a 35 bed capacity. It also has an out-patient department which sees about 450 patients per day.

The third floor houses the administrative offices, Faculty Room, Medical Education and Research Units, Laboratories of Pathology, Pharmacology, Microbiology and Parasitology, the Accreditation room, and classroom/discussion rooms.

The fourth floor houses the Medical Library, Skills Laboratories, Laboratories of Histology, Neuro-Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry, the Office of the Medical Student Council, and discussion rooms.

The fifth floor houses the Gross Anatomy laboratory, Student Lounge and classroom/discussion rooms.

The Medical Library has a book collection containing over 4,500 titles and more than 5,000 volumes; serial holdings of 256 journals; and many CD-ROMS on particular topics in medicine.  It also boasts of being the repository (the only one in Mindanao) of World Health Organization (WHO) publications. It operates a computerized library system. It also houses the E-library for use by medical students. The e-library also has Wi-Fi access.


The Medical Education Unit is directly under the Dean of the School of Medicine and is responsible for faculty development through in-service training programs and workshops. It also evaluates curricular programs of the School of Medicine and makes recommendations as regards innovations in the medical curriculum. It is directly involved in the screening of problem-based learning modules for faculty and students. The unit is equipped with prescribed and reference medical textbooks for use of faculty as well as textbooks on education.


The Research Unit of the School of Medicine was established as a result of the commitment of the School to local, regional and national development through research. Its main function is to provide guidance in researches of faculty and students, and edit research papers for publication in the Research Journal of the School of Medicine. Its Ethics Review Committee is also consulted as regards ethical issues in the conduct of research by other private institutions in Northern Mindanao.


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