Student political party Alyansang Atenista swept the top two highest positions in the Central Student Government (CSG) during the Botar Atenista 2011. Mario Tero II, third year Business Administration, was elected president while Dean Cris Acabo, third year BS Chemical Engineering, vice-president. The student elections were held on Feb 24, 26 and 28.

Under his administration, Tero wants to focus on transparency, autonomy, strengthening of extra curricular organziations, and improvement of student services and lobby systems. For his part, Acabo wants a scientific, inclusive, progressive and incisive Directorate composed of the college councils.

The total voting turn-out for this year’s elections is 4,313 out of 10, 732 Xavier University students or 40.19%, more than triple that of last year’s 12%.

Incoming officers of the different college councils for the Academic Year 2011-2012 are as follows:

Association of the College of Engineering Students
President: Creayla, Christine May
Vice-President:   Pore, Ime
Secretary:    Ma, Kimberly
Treasurer:   Lepon, Apple May
Auditor:   Aquino, Jafe Alyssa
Internal PRO:   Deguinion, Phlinkee Faith
External PRO:   Chavez, Andre
4th Yr. Rep:   Abogado, Alech Maddeleine
2nd Yr. Rep:   Pacamo, Ercille Mae

Aggie Student Council
4th Yr. Rep:  Cortes, Rowell
                       Ramoso, Marianne Christine
                       Datoy, Marie Angeli
3rd Yr. Rep:   Sayson, Claudette
                        Seraspe, Cyrus
                        Copino, Carl Richard
2nd Yr. Rep:  Cadorna, Niña Bea
                        Sendaydiego, Carlos Miguel

Center for Integrated Technologies Student Council
President: Palarca, Jesus Simplicio
Vice-President: Timba, Marylene
Secretary:  Aron, Leo Fred
Treasurer:  Galindez, Fritzie
Auditor:  Gamboa, Fredeliza Mae
PIO: Odchigue, Sam Mico
3rd Yr. Rep: Serrano, Raphael

Council of Nursing Students
President: Ejan, Johren
Vice-President: Cruz, Klerramae
Secretary: Baldia, Alexis
4th Yr. Rep: Rana, Kristine
4th Yr. Vice-Rep:  Gelez, Bea
3rd Yr. Rep: Roa, Mae Ann
3rd Yr. Vice-Rep: Niere, Jun
2nd Yr. Rep: Veronilla, Lenie
2nd Yr. Vice-Rep: Anayron, Rhea

School of Business and Management Student Council
President: Gala, Iraquel
Vice-President:  Santos, James Patrick
Executive Secretary:  Dagasuan, Mark Lester
Treasurer: Tampus, Shermar
4th Yr. Rep: Calunod, Alfe
4th Yr. Vice-Rep: Lam, Florence Roselle
3rd Yr. Rep: Lagapa, Steve Marc
3rd Yr. Vice-Rep: Maglacion, Karizze Fitzgeraldine
2nd Yr. Rep: Mercado, Kathleen Rae
2nd Yr. Vice-Rep: Dela Peña, Russel Anne

Teacher’s Guild
President: Jamila, Mecyll
Vice-President: Maula, Kisha
Secretary:  Bañares, Cinderella
Treasurer: Wong, Francess Karen Joy
Auditor: Macalam, Jurilou
Internal PRO: Robledo, Michelle
External PRO: Arciaga, Nicolas Armando        
Social Manager: Bacolcol, Daryl Rey
                              Sunga, Collin Enrique
4th Yr. Rep: Aguilor, Alfred Mark
3rd Yr. Rep: Japitana, Lovely Grace
2nd Yr. Rep: Cuerquis, Reynarose

United Arts and Sciences Students
President: Lastimoso, Jean Jared
Vice-President: Empeynado, Pauline
4th Yr. Rep: Adayo, Louin
3rd Yr. Rep: Tab, Ana Katrina
2nd Yr. Rep: Alagar, Natasha