Since education is a life-long process, Jesuit education tries to instill a joy in learning and a desire to learn that will remain beyond the days in school. “Perhaps even more important than the formation we give them is the capacity and concern to continue their own formation; this is what we must instill in them. It is important to learn; but it is much more important to learn how to learn, to desire to go learning all through life”.

Personal relationships with students will help the adult members of the educational community to be open to change, to continue to learn; thus they will be more effective in their own work. This is especially important today, given the rapid change in culture and the difficulty that adults can have in understanding and interpreting correctly the cultural pressures that affects young people.

Jesuit education recognizes that intellectual, affective, and spiritual growth continue throughout life; the adult members of the educational community are encouraged to continue to mature in all of these areas, and programs of ongoing formation are provided to assist in this growth.

Acta Romana Societatia Iesu
Vol. XIX, Fasc. III, 1986, pp. 767-832
Rome, 1987

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