Kinaadman University Research Office

In its mission statement, Xavier University states:

As a University, Xavier engages in the authentic search for the truth through teaching, formation, research and social outreach; it is dedicated to the renewal, discovery, safeguarding, and communication of knowledge and human values; and it trains men and women to think rigorously, so as to act rightly and serve humanity justly.

As a Filipino University, Xavier is devoted to the appreciation, preservation, and enrichment of the Filipino culture and heritage; to the sustainable development of the nation; and to the pursuit of the common good (XU Mission Statement).

In the XU College Faculty Manual, the role of the faculty in research is highlighted: “The faculty members are encouraged to contribute to the cultivation of a research environment….” (XU College Faculty Manual 2008).

All faculty members are encouraged to pursue research according to their respective competencies and expertise and to maintain, at the same time, a balance between teaching, research, and service.

Kinaadman Journal

Kinaadman, produced yearly by Xavier University Press, publishes multi – or interdisciplinary articles or studies in the social sciences and humanities, particularly those concerning Mindanao. Its target readers are the workers in the academe and other social organizations which are interested in the various aspects of Philippine life especially in the southern part of the Philippines.