As an educational institution, Xavier University offers scholarships and financial grants to students who excel in academics, sports, and culture and arts.

The Director of the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (OSFA) together with the Scholarship Committee oversees the administration of the scholarships and Grants-In-Aid.

Academic Scholarships

Academic scholarships are awarded each year or semester for incoming freshmen and upperclassmen for their superior academic performance. Students who meet the selection criteria are required to submit documentary requirements and go through an interview with the Scholarship Committee and the OSFA Director. The awardee maintains the scholarship or grant as long as grade compliance and other scholarship requirements are met every semester. Academic scholarships are either University funded or provided by government and private donors.

Grants-in-Aid (G-i-A)

G-i-As are distinct from academic scholarships. Some grants are more like gifts reflecting XU’s desire to witness to justice and to serve the poor. G-i-As are primarily awarded based on the assessed financial capability of the family. The grant is renewable every semester based on financial assessment, grade requirement and other obligations as stated in the scholarship manual. The OSFA Director with the College Scholarship Board sees to the administration of the St Francis Xavier Grants-in-Aid and other grants funded by the University and other private benefactors/donors.

Athletics and Performing Arts Scholarship

Varsity and members of the performing arts group (e.g. dance troupe, glee club, theater group, XU Band and other groups) are granted scholarships based on active membership and excellent performance as athletes and resident artists of the University. They render service to the University and to the wider community through their active participation in the promotion of sports and culture and the arts.