Course Per Unit (except where otherwise indicated)
Nursing, Engineering, Account, Tax & Law P905.00
Other undergrad courses P845.00
Law P1,500.00
MA/MS P1,000.00
IDEA P1,400.00
PhD/DPA/DCM P1,550.00
CIT P315.00 (per hour)
Medicine - 1st year P63,000.00 (per semester)
Medicine - 2nd to 4th year P65,000.00 (per semester)


All Courses Except Medicine
Registration P1,385.00
Medical/Dental P495.00
Counseling P520.00
Library P1,600.00
Audio-Visual P555.00
TOTAL P4,555.00
Medicine P6000.00



Laboratory Fee
Speech Lab Breakage Deposit P300.00
Biology Lab Breakage Deposit (charge only once) P500.00
Chemistry Lab Breakage Deposit P500.00

Laboratory Fee

Laboratories Fee
AC/DC P1,300.00
Building/Structures P1,000.00
Chemistry P1,300.00
CIT Lab P3,250.00
Computer Lab - CS/EE P2,900.00
Computer Lab - Others P2,500.00
Designs (Road/Bridges) P1,500.00
Drainage/Irrigation P1,300.00
Drawing/Auto Cad P1,000.00
Electrification P1,300.00
Engines/Machineries P1,750.00
Math Lab Fee P400.00
Mechanics P1,000.00
Practice Teaching P1,290.00
Processing P1,300.00
Refrigeration P1,300.00
RLE/hour P53.00
SAP Module (select SBM only) P896.00
Shop Practice P1,750.00
Soil/Water Conservation P1,500.00
Surveying P1,500.00
Tractors P1,500.00
Other Laboratories (Bio, Speech Lab, Physics, Psych,Etc.) P800.00

Other Fees

Athletics Fee P315.00
AECO P30.00
COSAA P65.00
Arts Development Fee P110.00
Crusader Publication P85.00
CSG P50.00
Culture & Arts Fee P110.00
Energy Fee  
     Undergrad P300.00
     Law P900.00
     Grad School P300.00
     Med (1st-3rd) P1,675.00
     Med (4th) P760.00
Facilities Improvement P615.00
ICT Dev't Fee  
     CIT P600.00
     CS P900.00
     Other Undergrad P800.00
     Graduate P800.00
ID Fee w/ Sling P120.00
Insurance P50.00
KKP (except CIT, Grad, Law, Med) P125.00
Psych Exam P100.00
PTA P100.00
Red Cross P35.00
Research Fee (except CIT, Grad, Law, Med) P115.00
Lab Development (Engineering) P265.00
Development Fee P500.00
SOF P35.00
Student Handbook (except Med) P220.00
     Medicine (1st) P500.00
     Medicine (2nd-4th) P125.00
Kinaadman Research and Pub (Grad, Law, Med) P210.00
Research Forum (Grad School) P500.00
Grad School Alumni & Students Convocation  P300.00
Learning Modules (Medicine)  
     Medicine (1st) P230.00
     Medicine (2nd) P285.00
     Medicine (3rd) P340.00
Medicine Lab Fee - 1st  P5,770.00
Medicine Lab Fee - 2nd to 3rd Year P3,850.00
Medicine Lab Fee - 4th Year P3,320.00


As Applicable

Agro E-Learning (ME only, all year levels) P500.00
Aptitude Test(Education-2nd Year-1st Sem Only) P200.00
Biology Lab Breakage Deposit (Per Semester) P500.00
Certification Fee (Per Page) P80.00
Chemistry Lab Breakage Deposit (Per subject) P500.00
Course Description (Per set) P600.00
Diploma Jacket (Med, Law, Grad School) P450.00
Diploma - Undergraduate  P550.00
Diploma - Graduate, Law, Med P970.00
Authenticated Copy (4th Req Onwards; Per Page) P30.00
Exam Materials (Per Subject) P26.00
Foreign Student's Fee-Medicine-Freshmen/Year $1,000.00
Foreign Student's Fee-Medicine-Upperclass/Year $500.00
Foreign Student's Fee-Undergrad/Semester P5,000.00
Graduation Fee-Undergrad P844.00
Graduation Fee-Med & Law P1,000.00
Alumni Fee (All Graduating Students) P450.00
Hospital Affiliation Fee(Reg. Sem)-1st & 2nd Year P2,900.00
Hospital Affiliation Fee(Reg. Sem)-3rd & 4th Year P3,600.00
Hospital Affiliation Fee(Summer) P1,800.00
Retreat-Junior (2 Days) P1,200.00
Retreat-Senior (3 Days) P1,600.00
Panelist Fee-Bm 12 P110.00
Panelist Fee-Bm 14 & 15 P20.00
Practice Teaching Fee P1,224.00
Psychological Exam (For Transferees) P100.00
Recollection (1day) P450.00
Related Learning Experience(RLE) Per Hr. P50.00
Schedule Change (Per Subject) P55.00
Delayed Exam Fee (Per Subject) P100.00
Retreat-Senior (2 Days) P1,100.00
Speech Lab Breakage Deposit (Eng17) P300.00
Student Journal Fee-2nd & 3rd Year Education-2nd Sem Only P100.00
Student Journal Fee-Maed/Phd Ed-2nd Sem Only P150.00
Transcript with Transfer Credential  
     Undergraduate P750.00
     Underclassmen P550.00
     Graduate/Professional School P950.00
Transcript without Transfer Credential  
     Undergraduate P400.00
     Underclassmen P300.00
     Graduate/Professional P500.00
     *Extra Copy (Within one year) P155.00
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