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Admissions and Enrollment General Procedure


Step 1: Present Transcript of Records @ OPTA

Step 2: Take and Pass XU Entrance Examination @ Testing Center

Step 3: Inquire Entrance Exam Test Results online at and follow instructions given

Step 4: Eligible applicants access and create Online Application account at

4.1 Fill in Personal Information

4.2 Attach scanned copies of the following:

(Incomplete documents will not be processed)

a. Good Moral Character from Student Affairs of previous school

b. NSO Birth Certificate

c. Transfer Credentials/Honorable Dismissal (for Transferees)

d. NSO issued Marriage Contract (for female married student)

e. Parents/Guardian Valid ID with Address or Proof of Billing Address

Step 5: Applicants will be notified via email on their application status


Step 1: Present printed Admissions Offer Letter and Pay down payment & other fees (medical and dental, placement exams) at the Finance Office

Step 2: Present receipt from Finance to XU Clinic for Medical and Dental checkup

Step 3: Submit Hard Copies of the following at the Registrar’s Office:

a. Original and Photocopy of NSO Birth Certificate (Original copy will be returned after verification)

b. Transfer Credential/Honorable Dismissal (for Transferees)

c. Original and Photocopy of NSO issued Marriage Contract (for female married student). Original copy will be returned after verification.

d. Department of Education (DepEd) Certificate of eligibility for admission to college. (For Students who completed High School/Graduate School outside of the Philippines).

e. Submit Good Moral Character @ Office of Student Affairs

f. Clearance slip from XU Clinic

Step 4: Take exam for the following:

1. English Placement Test at the English Department

2. Psychological Exam at the Counseling Office

Step 5: Proceed to CISO for SLMIS Account Creation

Step 6: Interview with the College Dean

Step 7: Get Study Load from College Evaluator and verify courses taken through SLMIS account.

Post Enrollment

Step 1: Proceed to Book Center for ID processing

Step 2: Attend ORSEM

Step 3: Present orientation clearance signed by the Office of Student Affairs and Guidance & Counseling Office for release of ID and XU Handbook