Teacher Education Research Conference is inviting teachers (HEIs, SUCs, LCUs and in Basic Education in public and private schools), Education graduate and undergraduate students to present their research for the following concurrent sessions:

• Graduate Presentations
• Undergraduate Presentations
• In-service Teacher Presentations
• 3MT Thesis PresentationTM

Submission Guidelines:

• Submit a 200-word abstract which should contain the following parts: (1) Introduction (2) Objectives of the Study (3) Methodology (i.e. sampling design, survey tools, research locale, statistical treatments) (4) Results and Findings (5) Conclusion (6) Recommendations It will end with three keywords on the topic investigated.
• The following should appear prior the abstract part: (1) Research Title (2) Researcher’s Name (n.b. enumerate all authors if many) (3) Position and Affiliation (4) Researcher’s Email Address
• All texts will be in Arial 12, single-spaced, normal margined in an A4-sized paper.
• For registration and payment details, please visit http://tiny.cc/tercxu or you may also visit our Facebook page and click the SIGN-UP button.
• For the submission of abstract, please email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..