Announcements from the Xavier Ateneo High School Crusaders Athletics Office

Last September 15-17, 2017, the Milo Little Olympics Mindanao Meet was once again held here in Cagayan de Oro City. Our school officially competed and improved its standing. Xavier Ateneo is this year’s 6th over-all winner (from last year’s 9th over-all position) out of over 50 participating schools in both elementary and secondary divisions across our regions here in Mindanao.

 badminton 1
Malou Babanto (Girls Badminton)
Most Outstanding Athlete Awardee
Milo Little Olympics Mindanao 2017  

badminton 2
After 14 years, we won for the very first time the over-all championship on Girls Badminton out of 26 competing teams during the latest Milo Little Olympics in Mindanao regional Competitions held at the Sports Zone in Macasandig, Cagayan de Oro City. We bested the respected players from MOGCHS in the semi-final match and overcame the defending champions Corpus Christi in a nerve-racking game. (On top of the podium: Zham Oclandina, Missy Cervantes, Maxine Olango, and Coach Ricky Tadlip) 

badminton 3
The gold medal winners (standing from left to right): Maxene Olango, Zham Ocladina, Missy Cervantes, and Malou Babanto with (seated at the front-center) Coach Ricky Tadlip 

Our Lady Crusaders Badminton Varsity Team won our first-ever championship title in the Milo Little Olympics Mindanao Regionals since the time we joined in this specific event about 13-14 years ago. It was an accomplishment for our girls.

Here are the members of our Lady Crusaders Badminton Varsity Team:

Maxene Renee B Olango  Gr 9 Sedeño
Kristen Zham G Ocladina Gr 9 Demetrio 
Ma Lourdes R Babanto* Gr 11 Clavius 
Missy B Cervantes  Gr 11 Becker 

*Maria Lourdes R Babanto was also awarded the Most Outstanding Athlete (MOA) for the high school girls’ category. The MOA Award is given to an athlete who has made an exemplary performance during the whole period of the tournament.

milo 1
The boys of our Xavier Ateneo High School Crusaders Varsity Team are seen here having fun at the Milo Little Olympics Mindanao Regionals 2017 held at the Limketkai Center. (From left to right: Brylle Joshua Logroño, Karl Francis Honculada, Adrian Othniel Yulo, Gian Patrick Espiritu, and Coach Silverio Abasolo)


milo 2
Continuing our winning tradition, the boys won 1st Runner-up Honors out of the 27 schools that competed in this year's Milo Little Olympics Mindanao. Last year, we were the overall champions in Mindanao for the boys' chess contest. 

While out of 28 schools competing in the girls’ category, our Lady Crusaders held their own and tied for the 1st and 2nd Runner-up positions in the said event.

Here are the members of our XUHS Chess Team:

Karl Francis Honculada Gr 10 Hausmann
Brylle Joshua Logroño  Gr 10 Alingal 
Adrian Othniel P Yulo Gr 11 Gordon 
Gian Patrick L Espiritu Gr 11 Ricci 
Shaina Grace C Garcia Gr 9 Hayes
Regina Gabrielle Castrillo  Gr 9 Faura


Our Lady Crusaders Swim Team poses with their coach at the Milo Little Olympics Mindanao 2017. In the photo at the top of the podium (L-R) are SHS swimmers Tanya Barero and Stacey Sy; below (L-R) are JHS swimmers Annika Sell and Cecille Mole with Coach Jackie Neri.

swim 2
The Crusaders Girls Swim Team after winning one of their Silver Medals at the Milo Little Olympics Mindanao 2017. Standing on podium 2 (L-R): Tanya Ysabel Barero, Geri Mae Pon and Cecille Andrea Mole.

swim 3
Taking on the podium to win silver medals were swimmers: (at the back) John Matthew Rimando and Matthew Mikhail Pareja; (in front) Sebastian Tagaan and Atwell Michael Sabaduquia.

swim 4
Seen posing here after winning bronze medals are JHS swimmers John Dale Echeveria and Sebastian Tagaan.

Our Crusaders Swim Team accumulated 18 silvers and 9 bronzes in this year’s Milo Little Olympics Mindanao. Here are the Xavier Ateneo High School swimmers who won medals:

Cecille Andrea Mole 

Gr 8 Sanvitores 
4 Silvers, 2 Bronzes 

Sebastian Tagaan

Gr 9 Haggerty 
3 Silvers, 2 Bronzes 

Annika Marian Sell 

Gr 7 Canisius
2 Silvers, 2 Bronzes 

John Matthew Rimando  Gr 9 De Vera 
1 Silver, 1 Bronze 
John Dale Echeveria  Gr 9 Haggerty 
1 Silver 
Atwell Michael Sabaduquia

Gr 10 Fernando 
1 Silver 

Geri Mae Pon     

Gr 9 Faura
1 Silver 

Martin Mikhail Pareja  Gr 9 Hontiveros
1 Bronze 
Tanya Ysabel L Barero

Gr 12 Nicholson 
2 Silvers 

Stacey Robyne Sy 

Gr 11 Clavius 
2 Silvers 

Matthew Mikhail S Pareja 

Gr 11 Madigan 
1 Silver, 1 Bronze

taek 1
Meet Sophia Yna Albarece, our lone gold medalist for taekwondo in this year’s Milo Little Olympics Mindanao Regionals 2017. Yna is now with the JHS Crusaders Taekwondo Club. She is currently a student in Grade 10-Masterson.

taek 2
Sophia Yna Albarece (center) is seen here wearing her gold medal and being cheered on by her fellow winners at the Milo Little Olympics Mindanao Regionals 2017.

The latest addition to our sporting events this year is the inclusion of our Crusaders Taekwondo Club*. JHS Taekwondo Jin:

Sophia Albarece  

Gr 10 Masterson 
Gold Medalist 

*First-ever participation as an official Xavier Ateneo High SChool Crusaders Club Sport for Taekwondo in the Milo Little Olympics Mindanao 2017. 

Congratulations to all the Xavier Ateneo winners!