Xavier University Festival Days 2017

Every Xavier University Festival Days celebration is an extraordinary equation of excellence, advocacies, and entertainment. Before every year ends, thousands of people look forward to and participate in this festival that evokes revelry for the university’s expanding academic horizon, cultural and artistic wealth, missions in the peripheries, and bright aspirations. 


This year, our celebration is steered by the wonderful story of the General Congregation 36 of the Society of Jesus, where it gives emphasis to the element of the sea that invites us to explore deeply, rowing out into the deep water, towards horizons and frontiers; where the Spirit blows to help us row; and where the flame over the cross sets “a fire that kindles other fires” which continues to burn upon the mast to illuminate how to discern the direction. Our pursuits for integral development — from the hinterlands of Mindanao to the coastal communities along the Macajalar Bay, from responding to the crisis in Marawi to establishing a new technical-vocational school — make up this journey of strengthening our identity within our actual context. 


It’s a show of the vastness and diversity of Xavier Ateneo’s narratives dedicated to our country and to the world, her passionate explorations as she continues to offer quality education, her frontiers that give more meaning to our formation, her many changes that have enabled us to learn how to wither storms that come our way, and her dreams to etch her vision in every Atenean. As Xavier Ateneo family, we keep the flame like “a burning wick that never goes out.” We are future-ready.


To celebrate our accomplishments, transitions, and opportunities, we must give the highest value to experience as the greatest purveyor of lessons in life. At Xavier Ateneo, we Experience Excellence to strive for magis with depth, love, and excitement. XUFD is about us as a big family — a family that is open and amicable, united amidst differences, determined to explore, and connected with each other by a common goal: development that works for everyone. 

The university invites us to revel in the biggest and longest festival in Cagayan de Oro City. For many years now, XUFD falls nothing short of the embodiment of Xavier Ateneo’s love, compassion, and generosity. 

Celebrate the Xavier University Festival Days with us from 29 November to 2 December 2017.

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