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Change Program Process for Incoming Freshmen.

Procedure for Processing of Change Program

   These general rules are non-negotiable when processing requests for change program

  1. Returnee-shiftees and upperclassmen students are not eligible to apply. They should consult their respective schools/colleges or departments for the relevant procedure for shifting of program. The request for a change program is exclusive to incoming freshmen who are still in the admissions phase.
  2.  A student is allowed to file a request for a change program only once.
  3. Request for change program only applies to applicants who are not yet matriculated for the downpayment of tuition.
  1. For Board programs, the applicant’s percentile rank score must meet the required minimum cutoff percentile rank score of their chosen new program.
  1. AB/BS Psychology and BS Nursing programs will not accept applicants for a change program request.


Step 1 

Open your account in the online application portal and click on the tab Apply for Change Program. Select the new program you are applying apply for and comply with the indicated requirements in the portal and click SAVE for confirmation. 

Wait for the notification approval of your change program request before you proceed to Step 2. Upon your approval, kindly proceed with the resubmission of your admissions application. You may check on the progress of your application in the portal.

IMPORTANT: There are college programs that require a dean’s interview before final approval of application. Failure to attend the scheduled interview and/or submit additional requirements may result in the rejection of your admissions application.   

  • All successfully processed applicants will be emailed a NEW ADMISSIONS CLEARANCE. It serves as proof of admission to your chosen college course. The admissions clearance is also required for Step 2 below.

Step 2

Pay the required down payment of Php3,000.00. Online and over-the-counter payment options are available. Please check the online application portal for the list of accredited banks and payment centers.

IMPORTANT: If you are a recipient of a Xavier Ateneo Scholarship, you may skip this step and proceed to Step 4 below. Register for the online enrollment and upload the Notice of Scholarship Award (NSA) in lieu of the validated down payment slip.

  • Please wait for a payment clearance notification before proceeding to Step 3 below.

Step 3

Online Enrollment and Offer Acceptance 

Prepare clear photos or scanned copies of the following documents for uploading and accomplish all fields of the online form correctly:

  1. a) Clearance Slip from the XU Clinic
  2. b) Signed Data Privacy Consent Form (downloadable from the enrollment registration form) 
  3. c) Self-Declaration Form for Special Needs, if any

IMPORTANT: Submit the hardcopy of your report card (with remarks eligible for college admissions and duly signed by the School Principal) or Transfer Credentials (for Transferee), PSA Birth Certificate, and Clearance Slip from XU Clinic to the University Registrar, Lucas Hall Ground Floor. You will not be term-activated (i.e., you cannot enroll your subjects) unless these documents are received and evaluated by the University Registrar.

  • After submitting the requirements for enrollment, kindly wait for the email about the status of your enrollment registration. If successful, you will receive the login credentials to your Student Lifecycle Management and Information System (SLMIS) account. Class schedules and other related information can be viewed in the SLMIS.  



Attend the required Orientation Seminar (ORSEM) for new Xavier Ateneo students. Follow @XUORSEMNow on Facebook for updates.