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The St Francis Xavier Grant-in-Aid is a financial grant for Scholarship Exam Takers who score at least 89 in the Scholarship Examination and whose total annual family income do not exceed Php500K for a family of 5 (or per capita income of Php100K). Application must be evidenced by the parent/s' or guardian/s’ certified true copy of their latest annual Income Tax Return (ITR) form, or, when not applicable, a notarized affidavit of source/s of income with amount indicated.

Applications for the St. Francis Xavier Scholarship are received on a “first come, first served basis.” Once the allocated seventy (70) slots are filled in, or, when it is already past the deadline for submission of applications, the Admissions and Aid Office will no longer receive applications from the qualifiers.

St Francis Xavier Scholars enjoy Php25K per semester coverage and Php10K during the intersession term, as required.

How to apply for the scholarship?

1. Senior High School graduates who are incoming freshmen to Xavier Ateneo must take the Scholarship Examination. Head on here for the examination dates and registration process.

2. Applicants must meet the cut-off for the scholarship.

3. Eligible applicants will receive an email containing instructions on how to accomplish the requisite scholarship form and the documents that need to be submitted.

All applications must be submitted on or before the indicated deadline. Late or incomplete submissions will not be processed.

4. Scholarships are awarded to the first seventy (70) successfully processed applicants who meet the scholarship cut-off and family income requirements.