10032023.Web.CLI 1L-R: Arch Ric Reyes, Aidea Pres Jojo Tolentino, Jr, CLI COO Franco Soberano, XU Pres
Fr Mars P Tan, SJ, XU BOT Chair Frank Guerra, Jr.

Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan, along with Cebu Landmasters, Inc (CLI), has taken another significant step toward the development of the Campus of the Future by holding a meeting with the executives of Aidea Inc in Makati City on 22 September 2023. The team was led by XU BOT Chair Frank Guerra, CLI COO Franco Soberano, Aidea Inc President and CEO Arch Jojo Tolentino, Trustee Roy Sobrecarey, Trustee Atty Bong Montesa, and XU President Fr Mars P Tan SJ. Aidea architects were also at the meeting: Architects Ric Reyes, Eric Pambid, Mary Anne Nicolas, Pach Cansana, and Glen Canlas.

10032023.Web.CLI 2

In the meeting, Aidea presented updates to Xavier University and CLI on the status of the ongoing negotiation to finalize the agreement between Aidea, as the official architectural design firm of the Campus of the Future project, and Xavier University as the owner/user. Aidea also showed the process that will be implemented after the agreement is signed, explained the participation of XU and other stakeholders in the process, and discussed preparations that have to be made before the kickoff activity on 17 October 2023.

This gathering also allowed the XU trustees to present and discuss with Aidea some of their feedback and suggestions on the winning building designs developed by the Aidea architects.  The talks also included strategic ideas that will make the New Campus truly adaptive and responsive to future challenges in education and formation.

The meeting ended with a tour of the creative and innovative offices of the host.