Chair of the English Department at XU, she holds a doctorate degree in English language and literature from Ateneo de Manila University. Writing mainly about Asian women’s novels. she is actively engaged in national and international conferences dealing with Asian women’s literature and regional writings.  She writes  poems and personal essays on the side, exploring mostly the rich intersections of her experience as wife-mother-daughter, as teacher-researcher, and as dweller-traveler .  

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We call ourselves Xavier Ateneans, not for the sake of its revered name, but most importantly for its meaning and value. Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan is our common home, our creative space that nurtures our knowledge and wisdom to become "men and women for others." Beyond the classroom, there is a dynamic student life that hones our talents and skills. We are the youth of today — passionate and motivated towards reaching our goals ... and we believe in our dreams.

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