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Department of Sociology and Anthropology

The Department of Sociology and Anthropology is an academic service unit that takes part in the students’ integral development to become responsive, dynamic, and sensitive to the needs of Mindanao, the country, and the Asia-Pacific through sustained excellence in service and commitment to the Jesuit mission.

Using Sociological and Anthropological perspectives, the department is committed to the understanding and enrichment of Filipino heritage and its diverse cultures through the synergy of instruction and research. It binds itself to develop, nurture, and enhance a sense of responsibility and involvement, to foster unity and belongingness within and between units and to strive to form men and women for others especially the disadvantaged.

The department is committed to training and developing researchers, teachers, practitioners, and leaders in human behavioral studies. The department focuses on developing skills and motivation to apply the rules and logic of Sociology and Anthropology. The major functions include instruction, engaging the twin thrusts of teaching and research, enriching the teaching process, and bringing social realities and concerns into the center of student consciousness.

As per CHED Memorandum Order Series of 2014, Sociology is the systematic study of social life, groups, societies, world systems, and virtual communities. As an academic discipline, Sociology focuses on the interplay between human structures and agencies.

The Sociology programs produce graduates who will contribute to the production, interpretation, transmission, and application of knowledge generated from social research, that is informed by economic, political, ecological, and socio-cultural trends in the local and global arena. Sociology recognizes the role of competent training in social research towards multiculturalism and nation building.

The programs aim to provide students grounding in Sociological Theories or perspectives and research methodologies that will allow the understanding, analysis, and address of social problems and issues.

Graduates of the Sociology programs will engage in teaching, research, development work in private and public entities (e.g. academic, corporate, government, local and international organizations) and/or pursue further advanced training.

In keeping with the mission and vision of Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan, the Sociology Programs seeks to produce leaders from among students who exhaust themselves in developing their competencies in knowledge production by developing and conducting theoretically rooted and empirically grounded socially relevant research that appreciates, preserves, and enriches everyday social life. The thrusts of the program is towards realizing the common good for the community, the greater part of Asia-Pacific, and the world while integrating and fostering dialogue that cultivates respect for environment, varying religions, and cultural values. The Sociology programs is dedicated to the pursuit of nation building that keeps in mind the Jesuit mission of reconciliation, faith and justice.

Sociology at XU is a Commission on Higher Education Faculty Development (CHED – FDP) Scholarship receiving program for both the Masters’ degree and the Doctorate degree. The department is the only one among Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) offering the Sociology program with this kind of CHED recognition in Mindanao.

Through the Filipino, Catholic, and Jesuit synergy of instruction, character formation, and research, the Sociology programs at Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan aims to develop leaders from among students with disciplinal competence, social conscience for the poor and marginalized, and the intensified commitment to lifelong learning conjugated with the burning character demonstrative of the Ignatian values - cura personalis, Magis and finding God in-all-things.

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