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Psychology Graduate Programs (PGP)

Master of Arts in Psychology (MAP) –This program is designed for individuals and professionals who wish to become (registered) psychologists. Psychology Graduate students will be trained to practice Clinical Psychology as their area of concentration.

Clinical Psychology: Students who take this area of concentration are trained to be registered psychologists who specialize in personality, counseling, psychotherapy, psychological testing, and assessment. They are trained to handle clinical cases such as depression and other psychiatric

As the Psychology profession continues to grow in the Philippines, the XU Psychology Graduate Programs also upgraded its curriculum to ensure that our students experience academic excellence and become globally competitive. These can be achieved through the following initiatives:

A. Outcomes-based course assessment and peer evaluation

Students undergo rigorous training to facilitate personal development. This training includes self-directed and collaborative studies, capacity building, social and community engagement.

B. Social engagement through various psychosocial support, human development, and multidisciplinary projects.

As part of their coursework, students may be exposed to social/community and group or individual services in child-care facilities, rehab, mental institutions, and industries with human resources. The PGP also collaborates with different institutions, government agencies, and other organizations such as the CSWD, the House of Hope Foundation, and several LGUs in Cagayan de Oro City through a MOA in conducting psychosocial support, psychological first aid, training, and development, even in research and internship.

C. Application and utilization of knowledge through Internship (Practicum)

After passing and completing all academic loads or obtaining the required academic units, the student undergoes internship at an institution supervised by a (registered) psychologist.

D. Utilization of the technology in advancing and enhancing review of related literature and research experience.

Aside from the use of the University Libraries and the Psychology Laboratory to their advantage in conducting research and review of related literature students can also utilize the availability of the university wide Library Online Databases through XU eLearn where they can login to different trial, free, and subscription databases like Ebscohost, ScienceDirect, ProQuest, Philippine-based databases and other local and international eLibraries, that provides students access to millions of new and updated eBooks, publications, journals, theses and dissertations, and e-references.

E. Research assistantship through Psychology Research Labs.

Full-time graduate school faculty with primary authorship publication will handle one research lab. Students are required to apply in a research lab aligned to their chosen area of concentration after they finish their first year first semester in the PGP or after finishing the required courses (PSY 311: Development of Psychological Thought, PSY 312: Advanced Psychological Statistics and PSY 313: Advanced Methods of Research).

F. Utilization of the University Learning Management System

To further facilitate student learning and provide access to online resources, the PGP also utilizes Xavier Ateneo’s online learning platform (XU eLearn). This is also another avenue for students to collaborate, engage and get support from their course instructor and other students.

G. International and Distance Learning

With the implementation of Xavier Ateneo’s eLearning system, The Psychology Graduate Program also opens its door to distance learning where, aside from students who live in the other regions of the Philippines, international students are also welcomed to enroll which further expands the horizon of providing high quality education in psychology. It also opens the door to further collaboration in terms of research and providing local, interregional, and international support, in times of natural disasters or calamities.

H. PGP Program Outcome

To be able to produce graduates that are globally competitive and possess critical thinking and behavioral competencies that are necessary in facilitating multisectoral changes in terms of human and social development.