Biophilic Society

The Xavier University Biophilic Society is the co-curricular organization of students enrolled in the Biology program of the Department of Biology, which is under the College of Arts and Sciences. This school year, the Marine Biology majors are also a part of the XU Biophilic Society.

The XU Biophilic Society aims to immerse its members and non-members to the environmental and medical issues of the country,   enriching them with knowledge, skills, values, and principles, which will hone them as competent, compassionate, and committed individuals.

Xavier English Language and Literature Organization (XELLO)

As an organization, XELLO addresses the academic concerns and responds to the communicative needs of the AB English majors by providing additional venues for the formation, development and enhancement of their linguistic and literary skills. Aside from that, the organization also extends its service to the XU community by sponsoring language and literature enrichment activities for students and teachers of other disciplines. Lastly, XELLO empowers its members by reaching out to the larger community by launching information drives and/or entertainment shows  relating to the development – enrichment of English language proficiency and literary appreciation.

Ateneo Diplomatic Corps

Ateneo Diplomatic Corps (ADC) is the co-curricular organization of Xavier University Ateneo de Cagayan's International Studies program based under the History/International Studies/Political Science Department of the College of Arts and Sciences. As an organization, XU-ADC envisions full social, political, and academic responsibility and competency, not only to its members but also to the greater society in general through the activities and engagements taken.

Chemistry Society

"Passionate and competent chemists in service to the community, country, and the environment."

The Chemistry Society is the co-curricular organization of the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry students, they form an integral part of the development of the Chemistry Department and try to achieve excellence in the field of Chemistry students across the board.

Xavier University Psychology Society

Xavier University Psychology Society is the co-curricular organization for the psychology students of Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan. Xavier University Psychology Society seeks to form Xavier University psychology students who are mentally, socially and spiritually balanced, and are devoted to the psychological development of the self and the community.

Math Society

Xavier Univesity – Mathematics Society is one of the most active and multi-awarded organization at Xavier University; it is composed of 44 members from two different courses both majoring in mathematics the Bs Mathematics and BsEd Mathematics students working together as one ; They are student-leaders  that uphold the Ignatian values that the University has taught to them  as they aim to give enhancement and promote mathematics to XU studentry and people in the society and also, the organization has the goal to not just form themselves but to share the knowledge they have accounted in the few years of stay in the university to the people in the peripheries

Ateneo Philosophy Club

The Ateneo Philosophy Club is an academic and co-curricular organization under the College of Arts and Sciences given the noble task of propagating the value and culture of Philosophy in the University. We are the proverbial successors of Socrates, who study the traditions of Philosophy from the ancient to the contemporary periods, upholding the values of wisdom, truth, and justice in unveiling meaning and depth in life to the community.

We are young leaders and philosophers who by virtue of wonder and awe are inspired to understand the fundamental truth of our existence. For this reason, we are called to share our ideas about the meaning of our lives in favor with our desire to seek for what is good and what is true.

We proclaim wisdom as our inner grace that gives us the bounty of limitless service towards ourselves, others and the world.

In line with the mission and vision of Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan, we aspire competence which values our academic endeavor and scholastic excellence; Conscience which affirms our spirituality and understanding of the soul through fruitful service and active volunteerism for others; and commitment which advocates our unconditional involvement in fulfilling our roles and duties that are part of our condition as person. Thus, love of wisdom is the ultimate mode of why we become the Ateneo Philosophy Club.

Economics Society

XU-ECOSOC is dedicated to the enhancement of student empowerment and volunteerism wherein status quo is removed and as a constituency are encourage and given the opportunity to take part and be involved in student government decision making. XU-ECOSOC envisions a constituency and a society that is socially- aware and involved, rooted in a clear grasp of reality, bounded by Economic principles and Ignatian values that is vigilantly responding to the growing needs of the society, the campus and the wider community.Vision Statement

XU-ECOSOC envisions participative constituency, stronger linkages and the conduct of research-born sustainable projects for the greater community.Vision Statement. XU-ECOSOC envisions participative constituency, stronger linkages and the conduct of research-born sustainable projects for the greater community.

Mission Statement

XU-ECOSOC is dedicated to the enhancement of student empowerment and participation, it promotes various academic and non-academic activities, and it is for research-born sustainable outreach project where students are both benefactors and stakeholders and seeks to strengthen its linkages with other bodies of student governance.

Marine Science Society

United Arts and Sciences Student Council