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Onsite Thesis/Dissertation/Special Project Proposal Defense starting AY 2023-2024


First Semester:                Application Period                         : August – October
                                        Proposal Defense Period              : within the month of November

Second Semester:           Application Period                         : January – March
                                        Proposal Defense Period              : within the month of April

Intersession:                     Application Period                         : June
                                         Proposal Defense Period              : within the month of July


  1. CPR proposal defense during the intersession is only for those applicants whose program of study indicates it.
  2. Late application will not be entertained.




All Sociology students are required to undergo an in-house proposal defense within the 2nd-3rd month of every regular semester. If the direction of the research is approved by the Oral Defense Panel, a formal proposal defense will be arranged within the 4th month of every regular semester.

The In-House proposal defense is facilitated by the program coordinator. The facilitation includes setting the schedule, sending the invitation, and securing the venue. For easy facilitation, the student must submit to the program coordinator the full paper, list of Oral Defense Panel, and a probable schedule.

The minutes of the in-house proposal defense will be used as one of the requirements for the formal proposal defense application. Please see below for the complete steps.


Steps for ALL CAS-GS Programs:

1. Download CAS GS-04 Request for Approval form. Fill-in the necessary details and get the required signatures up to graduate program coordinator (GPC) only.

2. Download CAS GS-14 Clearance for CPR proposal defense form. Fill-in the necessary details and get the required signatures up to the Registrar only.

3. Request for an academic evaluation (template available – CAS GS-05) from your GPC. The evaluation must be signed by your GPC.

4. Download CAS GS-06 Approval for CPR Proposal Defense and get the required signatures.

5. Pay the CPR proposal defense fee. For payment details, please refer below:

  • BPI account no: 9330-0016-55 (non-tuition)
  • Reference Code/Charge Account No: 5101-9025 DEP-CAS GRAD STUDIES COMPRE & THESIS
  • For online payment, write the reference code/charge account number in the purpose of transaction.
  • banking hours, Mondays to Saturdays
  • over the counter at any branch
  • ATM, Internet, Telephone for BPI acct holders (enrollment at branch of acct is required) 24/7

6. Email the details below to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and finance office thru https://forms.gle/yehiUBvfXWi1tKxF7

  • Name of Payor: Full Name of the Student
  • Purpose of payment: CPR Proposal Defense Fee
  • Amount: Please refer to CPR Proposal and Final Defense Fees
  • Reference Code/Charge Account No: 5101-9025 DEP-CAS GRAD STUDIES COMPRE & THESIS
  • Soft copy of validated deposit slip or confirmation of bank transfer

7. Upload the following documents to https://forms.gle/w2gY5wFCUQseoAA16

a. Request for Approval Form
b. CPR Proposal Paper
c. Academic Evaluation for CPR Proposal Defense
d. Approval for CPR Proposal Defense
e. Proof of Payment (correct account no and reference no)

8. Submit CAS GS_14 form to CAS GS staff along with the printed proposal paper. The proposal paper will be checked by the CAS GS staff, then you are to distribute them to your Oral Defense Committee. Therefore, the number of copies should depend on the number of the Oral Defense Committee (adviser, panel chair, and panel members).

NOTE: Printed proposal paper should be the same as the soft copy you uploaded in the form. No changes will be allowed, unless authorized by CAS GS AD.

9. CAS GS staff will notify the applicant if there are deficiencies in the application. If in case there is, the applicant will personally settle the deficiencies to these offices directly.

10. Once the application is approved by the Dean, the Asst to the Dean for CAS GS (CAS GS AD) will facilitate the date of the proposal defense (two weeks from the date of Dean’s approval) and send the invitation accordingly.

11. During the proposal defense, the oral defense committee will use CAS GS-07 CPR Proposal Defense Rating The chair of the panel will collate and compute for the overall grade and submits the overall proposal rating of the student to CAS GS staff.

12. CAS GS AD will provide a copy of the proposal rating to the student, cc CAS Dean.

13.The student will make the necessary revisions in the paper and submit the approved thesis/dissertation/special problem paper to the Research Ethics Office (REO) for ethics review within the semester the proposal was defended.