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The Chemistry Department is an academic and service unit of the College of Arts and Sciences committed to provide students an excellent environment for scientific training and research, developing in them an appreciation on the role and relevance of chemistry in improving the quality of life and of the environment.

In response to the emerging scientific challenges of the 21st century and with the strong belief of the vital role of Chemistry in nation building, it aims to produce chemistry professionals of strong caliber in the basic disciplines of the field and with the orientation towards sustainable development and appropriate technology.

Driven with the deep desire to serve the country particularly the Northern Mindanao region, and the Asia-Pacific, it aims to undertake basic and applied, relevant and interdisciplinary research, and to provide the analytical services, consultancy and extension services appropriate to sectoral needs. It seeks to establish linkage and collaboration with other departments within campus and in other academic institutions, and with basic and industrial sectors in effectively pursuing sustainable development.