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In the warm and festive spirit of Christmas, the Office of Graduate Studies and Xavier Ateneo Graduate Programs organized a heart-touching gift-giving community outreach program for the students of Pagalungan Elementary School. A total of 267 gift bags were distributed, one for each pupil.

Under the caring leadership of then school head, Sheryl Lou Baal, and the dedicated teachers, heartfelt expressions of gratitude flowed towards Xavier Ateneo. The genuine smiles captured in the photographs radiate the pure joy and appreciation felt by the young recipients.

In addition to the gift-giving, this occasion served as a meaningful link between the university and the local community. The selfless gestures undertaken during the event not only strengthened relationships but also wove a rich fabric of connection and mutual understanding. It served as a poignant reminder that, in the festive spirit of Christmas, the combined endeavors of a community have the power to genuinely brighten the lives of children, imprinting a lasting sense of warmth and goodwill.

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Last Christmas 2023, the Office of Graduate Studies and Xavier Ateneo Graduate Programs have embodied the true spirit of the season with a heartwarming outreach initiative. Demonstrating that "charity begins at home," they organized an outreach service to honor the university's custodians and security staff. In collaboration with Del Monte Philippines, they solicited a donation of 10 boxes of juice, for the Christmas parties of Xavier Ateneo's essential team members.

The initiative not only spreads festive cheer but also expresses deep appreciation for the staff's year-round dedication. Such acts of kindness reinforce the university's commitment to its community, ensuring a nurturing environment for all. As the university's unsung heroes enjoy their parties with these gifts, the message is clear: at Xavier Ateneo, every member of the institution is valued and their contributions recognized.

The Xavier Ateneo Graduate studies extends their special thanks to those who work diligently to maintain the university's standards of excellence and care.


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