Doctorate Degree

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology
  • Doctor of Public Administration (DPA)

Master's Degree

  • MS Agricultural Economics
  • MS Biology
  • MS Health and Hospital Management
  • MS Chemical Engineering (with specialization in Pollution Control Engineering)
  • MS Chemical Engineering (with specialization in Advanced Energy Technologies)
  • MS Chemistry
  • MA Economics
  • MA English Language
  • MA Health Professions Education
  • MA History
  • MA Literature
  • MA Nursing
  • MA Psychology
  • MA Philosophy (Offshore)
  • MA Sociology
  • MA Sociology (with special concentration in Development Leadership)
  • Master in Public Administration (Plan A)
  • Master in Public Administration (Plan B)
  • Master  of Engineering (Special Problem)
  • Master of Engineering (major in Environmental Engineering)
  • Master in Biology (Track A)
  • Master in Biology (Track B)
  • Master in English Language and Literature
  • Master in  English Language
  • Master in History
  • Master in Literature
  • Master in Psychology
  • Master in Information Technology

Experience Excellence

We call ourselves Xavier Ateneans, not for the sake of its revered name, but most importantly for its meaning and value. Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan is our common home, our creative space that nurtures our knowledge and wisdom to become "men and women for others." Beyond the classroom, there is a dynamic student life that hones our talents and skills. We are the youth of today — passionate and motivated towards reaching our goals ... and we believe in our dreams.

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