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Print Publications

The Communications Office offers University clients professional design services for a minimal fee, foremost to maintain a coherent visual identity for the University.

Streamers, banners, posters, brochures, invitations and other similar promotional materials

The Communications Office has standard sizes for streamers (12’x 4’) and drop down banners (3’x 8’).

Requesting units must fill up the Job Request Form (download the form here) and note that production of these materials will take at least two weeks from submission of request to approval of design. Requesting units shall supply the content and, if desired, the photos to be used. Requesting units are responsible for the accuracy of the information they supply, and should thus double check the information before submitting it to the Communications Office.

Specialized publications. For publications that are not usually produced (i.e. souvenir programs, documentation reports) or have not been done before, the requesting unit should submit a strategy brief (download the form here) to ensure that the publication developed meets the goals of the requesting unit.

Web/Online Communications

Xavier University’s official website ( allows global audiences to get to know the University. It is designed to introduce Xavier, her vision and mission to prospective students and their parents, and keep its students, alumni, partners and other stakeholders updated on the happenings at Xavier.

The Communications Office is in charge of updating the homepage of the University’s official website. However, individual units are responsible for maintaining their own websites, and ensuring that information contained therein are up-to-date, accurate and relevant.

To maximize the University’s online presence, the Communications Office shall maintain accounts in social networking sites. Units who have their own social networks shall link their sites to the University’s and be consistent with the message of the University.