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I.Self-Evaluation and Payment of (1) Tuition Fee and (2) Xavier University – Association of Law Students (XU-ALS) Fee

Please take note that you can only proceed to paying the down payment for (1) Tuition Fee and (2) XU-ALS Fee if you DO NOT receive any “Admission On-Hold Email,” and if based on your honest and responsible assessment, you are on good academic standing.

The Law admin is not responsible for any inconvenience brought by a refund request in case you paid the fees in bad faith.

II. Registration and Submission of Proof of Payments

Register through the links below and submit proof of payment. This uses Google Forms and you will need your XU email to access.

Freshmen Enrolling for the 2nd Semester /Upperclassmen/ Returnees /Refreshers:

Submission of Proof of Payment for XU-ALS Fee:

Please note that it may take two to three days for payments to be verified and confirmed.

III. SLMIS Term Activation

Once your SLMIS account is activated, you may proceed to self-service enrollment. Should you have questions relating to your SLMIS account, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

IV. Online Self Enrollment of Subjects

The minimum allowable number of units is twelve (12). Please refer to the curriculum found here:

Double check your entries of enrolled subjects. See to it that everything is correct.

PLEASE BE REMINDED OF THE WAIVER: I understand that I WILL FOLLOW THE GUIIDELINES OF THE PRE-REQUISITE SUBJECTS AND ONLY ENROLL THE PRESCRIBED SUBJECT AND SECTION during self-service enrollment. Any other course requirement will require approval from the college dean.  Any deviations on my part gives the College evaluator or the dean the right to remove/drop courses.

V. Check & verify your SLMIS account to see if you’re officially enrolled.

Regular Registration/ Enrollment:                                   

           First Year                                            January 4, 2021

          Second Year                                        January 5, 2021

          Third Year                                            January 6, 2021

          Fourth Year/Returnees/Refresher        January 7, 2021

          All Year Levels                                      January 8, 2021

Delayed Registration/ Enrollment:

           All Year Levels/Returnees/Refreshers:           January 11-13, 2021

Office schedule from January 4 -13, 2021 is from 8:00AM-12:00NN/ 1:00PM-5:00PM. There is no Saturday work during enrollment.


PLEASE BE REMINDED: Adding of subject/s is allowed only during the DELAYED ENROLLMENT period. No adding of subjects will be allowed at the start of class. Dropping and withdrawal may be done within the allowable period. For record purposes and to facilitate tracking, registrar’s office requires students to follow the instructions for Adding/ Dropping of subjects. The procedure is found in this link: Necessary charges will be applied.


Start of Classes:                                                      January 14, 2021

For queries, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.