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The Assessment Report is a Statement of Charges billed to a student's account for a particular school term.  We recommend that you review this at the start (for batched charges) and at the end (for individual adjustments/additional charges) of each term.   

The Assessment Report may be secured accordingly:

1. If a CURRENT* report is needed for personal reference, generate the same thru SLMIS(see https://www.xu.edu.ph/service-slmis for instructions);

2. If a SIGNED report is needed for scholarship or loan applications, request for the same thru https://xuhelpdesk.xu.edu.ph;

3. If a PRIOR TERM report is needed for reconciliation, request for the same thru https://xuhelpdesk.xu.edu.ph.

*When the Assessment Report for the current school term is not yet available (as may be the case when the period for adding/dropping subjects has not yet ended), an ESTIMATE OF TOTAL CHARGES DUE (estimated assessment) may be generated by using the Payment Due Calculator.  The Calculator may also be used to determine the ESTIMATED INSTALLMENT DUE in advance of official Billing Notice.