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XUGS AY 2022-2023 Book Distribution Schedule:

Grades 1&2 — Aug 22-23
Grades 3&4 — Aug 24-26
Grades 5&6 — Aug 29-31

Open to all grade levels — September 1 onwards
Textbooks on sale until September 24 only

Office Hours (Except Holidays)
Monday to Friday | 8:15-11:45am & 1-4:30pm
Saturday | 8:15-11:45am

*We request our dear parents to strictly follow their scheduled date of book release. This is for safety protocols and easy control of foot traffic.


XUGS AY 2022-2023 Book Distribution Process:

A – Fill out the Textbook Order Form (2 copies).
B – Ask for a Priority Number from the person-in-charge and wait for the number to be called.
(There is no need to present Admit to Class Slip as student’s name will be verified against the GS Enrollment List.)
C – Claim order textbooks from the Pueblo Finance Office (beside the Bookcenter). Sign the Acknowledgement Receipt before leaving.

*For XU Employee

- present your XU ID. Student-dependent must be in the Grant-in-Aid list approved by the HRO; otherwise, please submit to Textbook in-charge a Salary Deduction Form pre-approved by the University Treasurer.

**Scholars with Textbook Benefit

- must have approved noted duly signed by the GS Principal or Scholarship Officer


  • Please pick up textbooks as scheduled as these will no longed be delivered via courier.
  • Wear face mas and present Higala App QR code and Vaccination Card upon campus entry.
  • Observe health, safety, and security protocols.
  • Replacement of defective books will be accompanied until August 31,2022.
  • Please note that any textbook refunds will be credited as payment to Tuition and Fees.
  • Cost of textbooks is due within the 1st
  • Those who want to pay the books separate from the 1st quarter tuition installment may
    transact at the XU Main Campus Finance Office, Mondays to Fridays, during business hours.
  • Alternatively, you may pay through any of the accredited payment centers listed at and report payment through


Basic Education


XUGS - Textbook Pricelist AY 2022-2023

We are pleased to announce the availability of the GS booklists for AY 2022-23. The cost of GS textbooks ordered for each student shall be added to his/her tuition billing and will be due with the first quarter installment.


Grade 10- Robotics Kit Distribution, AY 2022-2023