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Deadline for:

1. Full Payment of Total Charges for the School Term to Avail of Discount on Tuition, Matriculation & Lab Fees (up to 3% for Higher Education)

For Basic Ed: Schedules of Fees may be viewed at

For Higher Ed: Estimated Total Assessment for the Semester may be viewed at or requested thru (please indicate desire to avail of discount as reason for request)

Please report payment promptly thru:,, or, as applicable.

2. Submission of New Claims for Family Discount 
(prior availers need NOT re-apply unless roster of covered family members has changed)

Download form from

Complete, sign and submit form (with supporting documents, if NOT notarized) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Welcome to a new semester at Xavier Ateneo!

Because of the extension of enrollment, college assessments cannot yet be batch-processed.

For reference, in the meantime, you may view rates and indicative Per Program Costs at

For the 1st semester Prelims, please pay at least 7k installment ON TOP of 3k minimum down payment to secure exam clearance. Please make separate transactions for individual students.

While payments can be made at the XU Finance Office, payments can still be made thru accredited payment centers (see full list and details at

When transacting thru payment centers, please do BILLS PAYMENTS where Student ID Number is a REQUIRED FIELD.

Ordinary deposits or electronic fund transfers (regardless of source bank) should ONLY be done

thru XU’s BPI accounts (9331-xxxx-xx for tuition and fees; 9330-xxxx-xx is for NON-tuition items).

Please promptly REPORT payments thru for correct attribution.

Clearances will be sent ONLY to official mailboxes. Please regularly check both Inbox and Spam folder. If correct minimum down payment and installment payment had been made, please WAIT at least 3 WORKING days AFTER transaction date before following up on unreceived clearance thru This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view mailbox is already flooded.

We shall send BILLING NOTICES as soon as assessments are available. If breakdown of charges is needed sooner (i.e. for full payment to avail of discount or for scholarship), please request assessment thru

Urgent concerns should be channeled thru