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What is Flexible Learning?

Expecting that it will take a longer time to curb the COVID-19 pandemic, Xavier Ateneo decides to implement Flexible Learning for the school year 2020-2021 detailed in a university memorandum dated May 7. (Pop over to the FAQs here)

In Flexible Learning, a seamless combination of Home-Based Learning and Cautious Return to On-Campus Learning will be used to minimize learning interruption, ensure learning continuity, and ensure that minimum standards of DepEd and/or CHED are met. The university will implement Home-Based Learning to start the academic year and the latter will follow once the government allows for the return of physical classes.

In Home-Based Learning, all of the primary learning content, activities and instructions occur at home or where the student currently resides, outside the campus. XU will use a range of delivery modes to ensure that all can be on-board in July, even those with a slow or no internet connection and/or gadgets at home, from “low-tech” portable soft- and hard-copy learning packets picked-up by or delivered to students using traditional means, to “high-tech” synchronous & asynchronous online learning fully delivered using internet and digital gadgets.

In Cautious Return to On-Campus Learning, delivery of the primary learning content, activities and instructions happen on campus using strategies and methods currently in use. On campus, XU will require the wearing of masks and physical distancing, limit the number of students in a classroom, implement safety and sanitary precautions, and limit large gatherings to prevent possible virus transmission and to keep everyone safe and healthy. 

School Year 2020-2021

During the Covid-19 crisis, DepEd and CHED allow earlier opening of classes under certain conditions. That is, “schools will be allowed to open classes within the period authorized by Republic Act No. 7797, which is on the first Monday of June but not later than the last day of August, provided that no face-to-face classes will be allowed earlier than August 24 and, from then, face-to-face classes may be conducted only in areas allowed to open physically.”

With the exception of the Graduate and professional schools of Law and Medicine, all Higher Education Colleges and Basic Education Schools will follow a quarterly schedule, with a college semester composed of two quarters, for the coming school year.

First Semester

First Quarter: July to Mid to September 2020
Second Quarter: Mid-September to November 2020 

Second Semester

Third Quarter: December 2020 to February 2021
Fourth Quarter: March to Mid-May 2021

For the Graduate School and the professional schools of Law and Medicine, the school year starts on August 2020 and ends on May 2021. They will immediately follow Cautious Return to On Campus Learning with a two-semester arrangement.

Preparing for Flexible Learning 

To help parents cope with the present crisis, the university has opted not to continue with the increase of tuition fees. Miscellaneous fees are also reduced. Parents, especially those with grade school students, are encouraged for their active participation for a successful Home-Based Learning.

The teaching faculty will be undergoing systematic and intensive training from May to June 2020 to prepare for Flexible Learning, especially in conducting the Home-Based Learning classes.

XU is also working to strengthen its IT support and improving access to internet and gadgets for faculty and students. In preparation for the Cautious Return to On-Campus Learning, XU will be making the necessary adjustments to ensure all of its campuses are safe for use.

Xavier Ateneo president Fr Roberto "Bobby" Yap SJ assures that even under the unusual arrangements, XU will try to do its best that Flexible Learning is still marked with the characteristics of Jesuit education. Continue to Experience Excellence with Xavier Ateneo!∎