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Key Parameters

  • Duration: 1 year (including all course work and Master thesis; excluding the Colloquium)
  • European credits: 60 ECTS (German university degree: Master of Business Administration)
  • Language: English
  • Content: 6 topical modules, followed by Master thesis and Colloquium
  • Modules in the curriculum: General Business Administration, Human Capital Management, Marketing, Accounting, Financial Management and Corporate Decisions, Strategic Management
  • Admission requirements: Bachelor’s degree (3-4-year degrees) of sufficient quality plus minimum of 1 year of qualifying work experience (per German legal standards); evidence of sufficient English language skills for non-native speakers
  • Study start and onboarding (online) for new students at the beginning of each quarter (1st of April, July, October, January)
  • No hidden Fees
  • Master thesis with Colloquium, length: 60-80 pages net text; colloquium: oral examination held online

Value Proposition for Students

  • A degree from Germany’s premier distance-learning university, permanently government-accredited and rated no. 1 in student satisfaction in Germany in 2019, 2020 and 2021; accredited with new FIBAA premium seal “Excellence in Digital Education”
  • Online education, allowing students to save costs for travel to, and accommodation in, Germany
  • Distance learning through SRH MU’s e-Campus with optional online lectures and Q&A sessions; study whenever and wherever you want
  • Acquisition of a German university degree, opening access to German job market: Programme completion entitles to a job-seeking visa (6 months) into Germany (subject to change by the government)
  • Optional career services for job placement in Germany and Europe (online) through SRH Mobile University’s (MU) business network (no extra costs)
  • Optional German language courses (online), plus 11 other languages (no extra costs)
  • Optional attendance of SRH MU Summer Schools (1-2 weeks) in Germany and Europe (at a cost)
  • Close support and guidance online
  • All exams in writing, to be submitted through SRH MU’s e-Campus