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The graduate of XU Graduate School is characterized by competence, conscience, commitment to change and Christ-centeredness.


The XU graduate has the following:

  • Expertise in his/her field of specialization
  • Capability to use interdisciplinary resources
  • Strategic, critical and creative thinking
  • Proficiency in both oral and written communication
  • Ability to continuously strive for a higher level of professional competence that brings out the best in him/her


The XU graduate lives a life of exemplary integrity as manifested in the following:

  • Anchors his/her decisions and actions on principles that promote human dignity
  • Uses, in a moral and ethical manner, technological advances in his/her field of specialization
  • Acknowledges his/her strength and weakness


The XU graduate is committed to his/her responsibility to self, family, organization and the community.


The XU graduate acknowledges the humanity and divinity of Christ, and believes in HIS presence as active in his/her life, family, organization and the community.