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Office of Graduate Studies Hosts Lecture on Navigating Systematic Reviews: 
A Guide for Graduate Thesis and Dissertation Projects

On 24 February 2024, the Office of Graduate Studies hosted a lecture focusing on conducting systematic reviews for thesis and dissertation projects via Zoom. The virtual session was attended by 105 participants interested in gaining valuable insights into this increasingly popular research methodology.

Leading the lecture was Dr Andrea Martinez of King’s London College and UP, a renowned expert in systematic reviews with extensive experience in guiding researchers through the process. The session covered the key benefits of conducting a systematic review of academic projects, outlining the steps involved, and providing practical guidance on each stage.

The lecture served as a practical roadmap, equipping participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to execute a high-quality systematic review. Dr Martinez meticulously covered each stage of the process: from formulating a clear and focused research question to developing a robust search strategy; actively engaging attendees in selecting relevant studies, extracting pertinent data, and the ultimate synthesis of the findings into a cohesive analysis that strengthens their research endeavors.

The diverse group of 105 participants, representing various disciplines within the graduate school, actively engaged with the lecture content. Their participation, evident through insightful questions and discussions, highlighted the multidisciplinary importance and relevance of systematic reviews across different fields of study.

This informative session provided a valuable resource for graduate students at Xavier University, empowering them to leverage the power of systematic reviews in their thesis and dissertation projects. This lecture significantly contributes to the development of well-researched and impactful academic work.


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