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Empowering Research: Xavier University’s Data Orientation on the Filipino Child

The Office of Graduate Studies at Xavier University led and hosted the 3rd Graduate Lecture for the 2023-2024 Series on 27 April. This Graduate Lecture- a Data Orientation on the Longitudinal Cohort Study on the Filipino Child (LCSFC) - provided an orientation to a dataset tracking the development of Filipino children over 15 years.

The aim of this Graduate Lecture is to provide graduate students and faculty with an authoritative source of data that can be utilized in their research efforts. The orientation is designed to familiarize attendees with this rich dataset to inspire and support their academic work, particularly for those considering using the LCSFC Data for their theses, dissertations, capstone and research projects. By equipping them with this knowledge, this  lecture seeks to contribute to the development of evidence-based policies, programs, and interventions that support and enhance the welfare of the Filipino child.

The resource persons for this lecture are accomplished scholars and practitioners, each bringing a wealth of experience and expertise: Dr Chona R Echavez, the Director of the Research Institute for Mindanao Culture, holds a PhD in Demography and has a distinguished career in international research contexts; Dr Judith B Borja, is the LCSFC Lead Investigator, possesses a PhD from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hil; Dr Charl Andrew P Bautista, a Population and Development Analyst at UNFPA, combines his medical expertise with strategic policy research; and Ms Isabelita N Bas, the Data Manager at USC-OPS, has been instrumental in managing and maintaining the dataset's integrity for nearly two decades.

The LCSFC dataset, detailed and expansive, is a vital resource for graduate students and faculty across various disciplines, including Social Sciences, Sociology, Psychology, Education, Health Sciences, Economics, Nursing, Public Administration, Environmental Sciences, and Data Science. They are encouraged to utilize this dataset for their theses, dissertations, capstone projects, and research, leveraging its depth to derive insights for effective and empathetic governance and societal development.

Through the  lecture series, the Office of Graduate Studies at Xavier University demonstrates its steadfast commitment to fostering research that not only contributes to academic discourse but also supports the development of societal frameworks that advocate for the well-being of the Filipino child.

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