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Get in touch with the Program Coordinator (PC) of the course you are interested in by email or phone for details. Please refer to the contact address below. (If you are on scholarship, request the PC to send you a tentative program of study. The PC can prepare it if he/she is provided information on the duration of your scholarship and a copy of your transcripts of records.
Get the information from the PC concerned. The e-mail addresses and phone numbers of the various departments with graduate programs are the following:


To qualify for admission, the applicant must take and pass the Graduate Level Entrance Exam (GLT) administered by the Admission Office.
Applicants are required to register at least one working day before the exam Requirements:
1) 1 pc 1x1 picture
2) Transcript of Records (TOR)
3) pencils (lead#2)
4) Testing fee (P500.00)
Schedule: Saturdays in March, May & October
Time: 7:30 AM
The Graduate Level Test, or GLT, is designed to measure aptitudes which are deemed necessary for graduate study. The GLT yields the following scores: Verbal (V), Quantitative (Q), Inductive Reasoning (IR) and General Aptitude Score. V, Q and IR have a common standard score scale which makes possible the comparison of an examinee’s performance across the three subtests as well as comparison with the performance of the other examinees. The total testing time is approximately three hours.
The Testing Center will provide you with the information when you register for the exam.
The Graduate School does not have a minimum test score. An applicant’s performance on a standardized test is considered along with the other required admissions criteria. A GLT is not the sole criterion for regular or conditional admission
The Graduate School Dean conducts an interview as part of the admissions process.
In general, bridge courses are being offered in order to prepare you for the regular program coursework. You have to discuss this with the PC.
Quick estimate. Estimate the number of units you plan to take for the semester. Tuition and fees are subject to change. The most up-to-date tuition schedule is found in the XU website ( (Tuition and Financial Aid). Compute the tuition fee by number of units multiplied by the current rate per unit, and compute the total of the Matriculation and Other Fees, then add the two.
Scholarships are available for tertiary teachers taking up graduate courses. XU has been identified as a delivering institution for CHED K to 12 Transition Program Scholarship. The information is posted in the CHED website at
The results of the entrance test are valid for 3 years.
All graduate programs at XU accept new applicants at any term.
The period allowed to complete a master’s program is 5 years; and, a Ph.D. program, 7 years. If you have exceeded—or are about to exceed—the time limit for your program, you need to process the returnee clearance form prior to enrollment.
See The Curricula of these degree programs can be downloaded from the same web page.
It should not take longer than 5 years to complete any of our master’s degrees and not more than 7 years for doctorate degrees. Many courses are scheduled on Saturdays to accommodate those who cannot attend classes on weekdays.
Twelve hours per week is considered full time student status.
The University will only accept a maximum of 50% of the units earned from other schools provided:
1) the subjects for credit are substantially the same in content as those in the Xavier University graduate curriculum as determined by the PC or the Dean;
2) the subjects were and earned from a CHED-recognized school; and,
3) the subjects for credit are not the core or foundation courses of a program.
Subjects counted and credited in a previously completed graduate degree can no longer be credited for another graduate degree.
All applications and application materials become the property of the University when they are submitted. You can apply for a copy of your Xavier University transcript of records.
Regular classes begin after the last day of a regular enrolment period.
No, we do not offer any distance or online programs.
Students who wish to return to a graduate program to which they were previously admitted and enrolled, need to fill out an Application for Readmission for the term they wish to return. Applicants seeking readmission are not required to resubmit application documents or transcripts, unless they have attended graduate school in another institution.