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Kinaadman is a Visayan word signifying both knowledge and wisdom.

Kinaadman is an annual, peer-reviewed journal published by XU Press at Xavier University.  It publishes research articles, literary writing, and book reviews. First published in 1979 through the directive of Father Ernesto O. Javier SJ, then President of Xavier University, its founding editor was Father Miguel A. Bernad SJ, who had built the journal’s reputation for scholarship in the humanities and social sciences; and forged a unique identity for the journal through its emphasis on Mindanao studies.

The journal’s logo was designed by Father Salvador Wee SJ. The vinta, a traditional boat often seen in southern Philippine seas, bears on its sail the letter K in the old Philippine alphabet. The font, specially made for the journal, is also based on Philippine native syllabary.


Kinaadman is a member of AJN (Asian Journal Network). 

One of the most sought-after references for studies pertaining to Mindanao,
Kinaadman Journal, instituted in 1979 by the leading scholar from Mindanao, Fr Miguel Bernad, is now accessible online.
We remind readers to cite properly the journal as original source in their
academic work and that the downloadable contents are not used for commercial purposes.