The Kinaadman University Research Office (KURO) is committed to implement the University’s research policies, guidelines, and high international standard in research to ensure the attainment and sustainability of a strong research culture among faculty and students.

Operating under its current structure and functions (2016), the KURO is particularly tasked with the program- based activities for capability building, the development of research proposals for internal and external funding, the management and monitoring of internally funded research, the generation of publishable research outputs of faculty and students, and serves as the repository of information of internally and externally funded research projects .

Brief History of the Kinaadman University Research Office

Created in 1979, the research office called Kinaadman  was established by Fr Miguel A Bernad SJ to serve as a vital medium of multidisciplinary studies and views relevant to the social and cultural uplift of Mindanao. With the retirement of Fr Bernad in 2005, the University President Fr Jose Ramon T Villarin, SJ re-established the Kinaadman into the Kinaadman Research Center (KRC) as the university research center focusing on research management, development, and publication of the KRC-funded researches. The KRC was also one of the support units to the Research and Social Outreach (2006-2016) cluster of the university. At present, it is now known as the Kinaadman University Research Office (KURO) under the Research, Creative Works, and Innovations unit

Objectives and Functions

The objectives and functions of the KURO include the promotion and implementation of capability-building activities that will strengthen the research environment of faculty and students; the creation of university policies that will promote enabling conditions thus enhance the productivity and quality of research work of faculty, staff, and students; the facilitation of networking for research; the promotion of the utilization of research results/outputs (technology transfer and extension), and others, all aimed to advance the culture of research in the university.

Xavier University acknowledges the importance of research funding to support the many forms of research and scholarly activities of students and faculty. Grants for research will be awarded to projects deemed worthy of support.

The KURO facilitates the acceptance, selection, and implementation of the guidelines related to the University Research Grants, the Support and Incentives for Faculty Publication, and the Support for Student Research.

Available for eligible Higher Education faculty members are the university internally funded grants for discipline-based and inter/multi-disciplinary research. These include the (1) Institutional Research Award, (2) Miguel Bernad Humanities Research Award, (3) Mindanao Research Award, and (4) Matteo Ricci Research Award.

To recognize and support the publication pursuits and engagements of faculty members are the (1) Madigan Award for submission of Published Papers and Unpublished Manuscripts, (2) Publication Award, (3) Deload Support while writing the paper for publication.

Available for undergraduate and graduate students who are completing the final research requirements for their degree program is the Kinaadman Student Research Award (KSRA). The research supported by this grant is expected to relate to a student’s thesis or dissertation, senior project, or other student scholarly activity such as a special project for a research course.

Contact Persons of the KURO


Dean for Research/Director of the KURO
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KURO Deputy Director
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CORBITA, Cristily C
Admin Staff
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SUAN, Aljyne C
Accounting Staff
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