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Virlyn J. Magdadaro
May 16, 2022

            The University Research Council through the Research Ethics Office conducted a webinar entitled, Action Research and Its Ethical Considerations last May 12, 2022 with Dr. Ma. Elena Javier as the speaker. Dr. Javier is currently an Associate Professor Lecturer of the Department of Behavioral Sciences of De La Salle University. She also acts as a member of the Research Ethics Committee of DLSU.

            Attended by 171 guests, Dr. Javier has started her talk with her choice of definition of Action Research (AR) by Burns 2009, that describes it as a “combination and interaction of two modes of activity – action and research”. Then as she brought everyone back to the core aim of observing Ethics in research investigations, Dr. Javier emphasized that the existence of the guidelines is to “ensure that researchers avoid harm while doing good”. She continued, that in so doing, researchers must remember the “Basic Ethical Principles, involving even a tissue of human subjects: Informed Consent, Voluntary Participation, Respect for Privacy including confidentiality and anonymity, and Protection of vulnerable population. She also presented the challenges being faced by research ethics, such as burgeoning areas, external legislations like IPRA, and other ethical dilemmas. Before ending with high notes and gratitude, Dr. Javier accommodated several queries regarding their on-going AR projects guiding all guests to insights.