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What is the Clinical Legal Education Program?
CLEP is an experiential, interactive, and reflective 1-unit course offered in the second and third year as CLEP 1 and CLEP 2.  It provides law students with practical knowledge, skills, and values necessary for the application of the law, delivery of legal services, and promotion of social justice and public interest, especially to the marginalized, while inculcating in the students the values of ethical lawyering and public service. It is required under Rule 138-A.

Who is covered?
This is a requirement for those who will graduate and take the Bar in 2023 and beyond.

Now I know I'm covered, what should I do first?
The first thing you need to do is apply for CLEP Certification Level 1 before the Court. The School of Law will DENY your enrollment in CLEP if you do not have the Certification from the Court.

I've not taken all first-year subjects or I failed in one, am I eligible for CLEP?
Unfortunately, you are not eligible yet. The Rule provides that you need to pass all first-year subjects (regardless of the weight of the subject) based on XU’s curriculum in order to apply for Certification. Without the Certification, you cannot enroll in CLEP. Though CLEP as a subject is offered in the second year, it can accommodate third-year or fourth-year non-graduating students.

I do not have my complete first-year grades yet, do I need to apply now?
You can begin the application process. Your filing before the Court does not automatically amount to approval. If a grade is still missing as enrollment nears, we suggest you apply ahead. The School of Law would still certify your eligibility once all grades are in. If you fail to qualify because of a failing mark, your application will simply be withdrawn. You can try next year.


To apply for the Level 1 Certification, please follow these steps: 

Starting this year, the Level 1 Certification process should be done by personal filing, which means that you need to physically and personally file it before the Clerk of Court. There is no more assisted filing.

  1. Download first the Application form here: https://bit.ly/XUCLEPcert1
  1. Edit the Application form by placing your name, address, date and other information. Please refer to the parts highlighted in yellow.
  1. Print three copies and then affix your signature on each copy. (not e-signature)
  1. Proceed to a notary public for notarization of all three Application forms.
  1. Proceed to the Clerk of Court of the Regional Trial Court in Cagayan de Oro City and pay the filing fee of Php 210.00. The Clerk’s Office is located beside the main lobby.

To locate the Hall of Justice, please see location link here: https://goo.gl/maps/FL193fWaJbaCfUfF7

  1. After paying, attach the proof of payment in the Application form and file it with the Clerk of Court of the Regional Trial Court in Cagayan de Oro City. Please make sure that you get an APPLICATION NUMBER which is written on the upper right of the application as provided by the Clerk of Court.
  1. Immediately Notify Xavier Ateneo Law that you accomplished the filing by filling this online form https://bit.ly/XUCLEPup

Please be reminded that you need to use your gmail account  in order to upload a picture of the first page of your application form with the “received” mark.

  1. Upload the accomplished/submitted application form in the online enrollment process. (the system requires you to attach the document). In other words, you will be uploading the scanned accomplished application form twice: (1) through the link above immediately upon submission; and (2) in the online enrollment process during the enrollment period.
  1. The Schedule of Oath Taking will then be posted.

For queries, email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.