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Magis Awards

I. About the Search                                    

              Many things have drastically changed as the SY 2020-2021 opened. The continuing global pandemic has definitely put a strain in the delivery of student activities and pushed students to their limit in trying to cope with the challenges brought by it. However, students’ desire to advance student activities and service to the community is much bigger than any hardship or uncertainty that confronts them. Despite the experience, many are still successful in various undertakings and initiatives while unique and relevant advocacies addressing pressing concerns such as the promotion of mental wellness flourished. With continuing passion and dedication for service, many have emerged as “beacons of hope” and remained true to the University’s commitment for service and excellence.    

II. Awards and Recognition

              2021 marks a special milestone for the search as it celebrates its 15th year as a premier search in the University and on the 15th occasion of the search, it will focus on recognizing 15 most accomplished projects which will be dubbed as the 15 Beacons of Hope.

III. Eligibility and Requirements

  1. The search is open to the student government, college councils, and co-curricular organizations.
  2. All qualified organizations are required to submit a list of their accomplished activities for the year.
  3. From the list, the organizations will identify at most 5 projects which they think fit with the 15 qualities listed below.
  4. The 5 projects (maximum) identified by the organizations shall have additional paper requirements which will be accomplished. Apart from this, the organization will also be asked to provide video recordings or links of their online activities.
  5. The papers submitted by the orgs along with the video recordings will be the sole basis of the search committee in identifying the Top 15 Projects.

III. Qualifications

The projects should exhibit the following qualities:

  1. Uniqueness and Innovativeness. It requires the doing of something different or something that was not done previously. In case of “routine” projects, there should be an effort of innovating previous systems or practices with newer ideas or methods and never done exactly the same way again.  
  1. Purpose. The project affirms the reason for the organization’s existence (e.g. VMG) and the meaning of what it does or serves as a response to a larger call (e.g. SDG).
  1. Relevance. The project, in relation to the current situation and context exhibits practicality and social applicability.
  1. Sustainability. The project meets its own needs without compromising the resources that future generations need or exhibits an ability of continued utilization of its results after its completion.
  1. Impact. It has a set of definable objectives and end-result(s) which is specified in terms of cost, schedule, and success parameters. The project brought certain benefits to its targeted audience. In case of an online activity, it should have attained a “reach” that is measurable by the number of unique people who saw the activity and over-all engagement such as likes, comments, and clicks.

 IV. Search Process



IV. Timeline/Schedule of Activities

            April 30, 2021               RRC Kick-off Meeting                                                     Zoom
            May 5                           Magis Awards 15 Announcement                                   Social Media
            May 22                         Deadline of Submission of Requirements                       XU Web
            May 24                         Release of Documents to RRC                                       Email/ G Drive 
            May 26                         Submission of Each Member’s Top 15                            Email
            May 27                         RRC Deliberations                                                          Zoom
            June 11                        Awarding Ceremonies                                                     Facebook Live

For inquiries, contact:

The Student Activities and Leadership Development
Email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


By Camille Pelaez

Last 22 March 2019, Xavier Ateneo held the annual Magis Awards at the Magis Roof Deck. As the premier award-giving body of the university, it recognizes the students, organizations, and formators who have excellently demonstrated the Ignatian ideals of service and excellence.

In his opening remarks, University President, Fr. Roberto C. Yap, SJ said: “Magis is the fullest possible development of each person’s individual capacities, […] and the motivation to use these developed gifts for others.”

On its 13th year, Magis Awards continues to celebrate the significant contributions of the members of the Xavier community in and outside the university. It honors the work of their hands and hearts as they tread in the path of magis, leaving a trail of hope and change for the years to come.

Magis Awards is organized by The Office of Student Affairs in collaboration with the Mission and Ministry cluster composed of the Xavier Center for Culture and the Arts (XCCA), National Service Training Program (NSTP), University Athletics Office (UAO), and Guidance and Counseling Office (GCO).