As an academic unit of Xavier University, the College of Arts and Sciences commits to the holistic development of the students in order to form them into men and women of competence, conscience, and commitment, while actively responsive to the needs of the larger community of the country and the Asia-Pacific.

The College, through the general education courses, provides the students with the liberal and humanistic education to enable them to become broad-minded, to think clearly, critically and logically, as needed for life-long learning and decision-making in daily life.  The College of Arts and Sciences implements the Jesuit mission courses in Philosophy and Religious Studies to develop the specifically Christian and Ignatian character of the students.

The College offers degree programs in AB History/International Studies/Political Science, AB English, AB Filipino, AB Philosophy, AB Economics, AB Sociology, BS Psychology, BS Mathematics, BS Chemistry, BS Biology and Marine Biology. Through its apostolates of teaching, research, advocacy and community extension services, the College commits to continuously work with and for the community in the pursuit of truth and of social concerns, the improvement of linkages and relationships of people in Northern Mindanao, and the preservation of culture and environment in Mindanao in particular and the Philippines in general.

In sum, the College of Arts and Sciences, as an integral part of the Filipino, Catholic and Jesuit academic community of Xavier University, strives to uphold academic excellence and to pursue justice by forming men and women of conscience, competence, commitment, and compassion in the promotion of peace and development for the service of God and the Filipino people.