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In keeping with the Mission Statement of Xavier University, the Graduate School seeks to train professionals for an enhanced disciplinal competence for the self and others, and a deeper dialogue with Christian Faith experience. Hence, it endeavors to:

  1. Equip graduate students with the methods and techniques of investigation, as well as knowledge application in order to form habits of mind and modes of thought proper to their discipline [DISCIPLINAL COMPETITIVENESS];
  1. Provide graduate students the opportunities to learn and to conduct research in the Philippine and global contexts attuned to current trends, both in the specific discipline and in the general fields of learning for an inclusive worldview of the country and the globalized community [WELTANSCHAUUNG or INCLUSIVE WORLDVIEW]; and,
  1. Encourage graduate students to acquire, advance, and communicate knowledge in an independent and critical manner of the benefit of their respective communities, in the service of the nation and the world [READINESS FOR SERVICE].