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March 2021

1. Why is Xavier Ateneo consolidating the two XUGS campuses?

The One XUGS Consolidation Plan forms part of the Strategic Plan of the University, in line with our Mission and Vision of “Becoming a Leading ASEAN University Forming Leaders of Character by 2033.” In consonance with 21st-century learning, the innovation will pave the way for a more relevant and sustainable development of our curriculum, infrastructure (OneXUGS will be fully integrated into the Basic Education Complex in Pueblo, along with Preschool, JHS, and SHS), and programs at par with international standards in basic education. This consolidation means the Reinvention of the XU Grade School, wherein we will evaluate all systems in place, from the management down to the delivery of learning.

2. When will the consolidation take effect?

The University hopes to fully integrate a unified XU Grade School into the Basic Education Complex in Pueblo by SY2022-2023. However, it will still depend on the COVID-19 restrictions and safety protocols by government authorities and the careful evaluation by the school administration regarding cautious return to the campus. The first phase of the consolidation plan will focus on the internal affairs of the two XUGS campuses. Students will not be immediately affected by this phase because they do not have to go back to the campus yet as all their classes are being conducted online for SY2020-2021 and for SY2021-2022.

3. What will happen to the XUGS Macasandig campus?

We are still contemplating the possible uses of the campus. We will still make use of its facilities, particularly the ones we have newly built and/or renovated (for example, the XUGS Auditorium). Other units from Higher Education have also expressed their interest in developing it as their own campus. As of this time, there is no definite plan yet, but we will be subjecting it to further studies and evaluations so we can optimize the next use of the campus. There has been a suggestion to hold a special ceremony at the Macasandig campus before the official start of the consolidated grade school.  

4. What will happen to the PAASCU Level 3 Status of XUGS Macasandig?

PAASCU Accreditation Levels are conferred by campus so the current status of XUGS Macasandig will not be transferred to the Pueblo campus once the consolidation takes effect. However, the Strategic Quality Management Office, together with the XUGS administration and faculty & staff, will work hard to achieve the same PAASCU Accreditation Level for the OneXUGS.

5. How will the university address the employees who may be affected by the consolidation?

The Human Resources Committee will formulate guidelines and policies to streamline our personnel from both XUGS campuses in order to create a more systematic and efficient system of operations for the OneXUGS. Those who will be moved to other units will undergo skills training program(s) to fill in the gaps and/or vacancies in both the online and face-to-face modes of teaching and learning in the future. We will be doing the retooling and other HR-related actions in consultation with the affected employees for a smoother transition.

6. Will there be housing assistance for XUGS employees who will be affected by the consolidation? How about a school bus for the students who live downtown?

The proper committee will take note of possible assistance programs like housing and transportation for those who will be affected by this consolidation. Any program (such as the provision of a school bus) will have to go through a feasibility study so we can determine its advantages and implications and we can communicate these more effectively to the XUGS community.

7. How will the consolidation affect the XUGS parents?

During the transition period, there will be no increase in the tuition fees, pursuant to DepEd regulations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Enrollment will still be done online. Parents who have been used to complain about parking in the Macasandig campus will now have ample parking space on the Pueblo campus. It is our hope that parents will welcome this good news as the XUGS will be closer to the other facilities in the Basic Education Complex, such as the Xavier Ateneo Sports Centre, JHS and SHS Campuses, and the Manresa Farm. Parents may have to allot more time and transportation costs to travel from their homes to the OneXUGS campus (and vice versa), especially those who live downtown. We also recognize other concerns that may arise from this consolidation, but we hope that the parents will embrace these as part of the journey in their child’s education.

8. How will the consolidation affect the XUGS pupils?

The consolidation of the two XUGS campuses will likely bring about unity between the two groups. Pupils coming from one campus will no longer feel alienated from the other students from the other campus. We hope this reinvention will connect that gap and there will be a genuine OneXUGS unit come SY2022-2023. The school administrators will also conduct the XUGS Jumpstart Program aimed at the social and cultural integration among the students from the two campuses.

9. How will the consolidation affect the traffic going uptown (re: public’s concern)?

XUGS is still implementing online classes for this school year (SY2020-2021) and the next (SY2021-2022) so the pupils will have to stay at home in line with the health and safety protocols imposed by IATF and other government agencies. Beginning SY2022-2023, when the consolidation will be effective officially, the uptown campus will only cater to up to 50% of the students at any given time as part of the Cautious Return to Campus and Flexible Learning. We will be coordinating with the proper government authorities as well as the parents for the necessary permits, schedules, and alternative routes, among others.

10. How can the XUGS community, including the parents and alumni help in the implementation of the consolidation?

We need your support to succeed in this consolidation. We will have a series of small group discussions to consult you about this project. We are reinventing our XUGS to be more suitable to the demands and challenges of our time. XUGS, with its history and contributions to our society in forming leaders in various fields, should not get left behind. We must be proactive in embracing the innovations in basic education. This is will not only entail transitioning to one campus, but we will also retool our competencies and develop our curriculum to Experience Excellence.