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Uniform Exemption ID


The student must be taking the prescribed practicum, fieldwork, or lab work subject/s for the current semester.

  1. Prepare printed letter addressed to the Director of Student Affairs. Attach applicable requirement/s (e.g. employment certificate).
  2. Proceed to OSA to submit your printed letter (subject for evaluation and approval).
  3. Once approved, download and accomplish the application form. Click the “Application Form” tab.
  4. Pay the required fee of Php 25.00 (printing and lamination cost) at the Book Store (G/F Magis Student Complex). 
                                      Charge Account: University ID 6220-4061
  5. Scan or prepare a digital copy of your official receipt.  
  6. Submit the accomplished form and official receipt online. Click “Submit Application” tab.  
  7. Proceed to OSA (upon confirmation of status) to claim your ID. Click the “Check Status” tab.