The College of Arts and Sciences Parents & Faculty Council (CAS-PFC) of Xavier University was established to support and respond to the needs of the Academic Community. It is grounded with the Jesuit tradition of excellence and liberal education and committed to forming men and women of competence, conscience, and compassion in service of the Church and the Filipino people. It resolute in building a family of determined and self-assured alumni, faculty, and students of Xavier University. Furthermore, it is determined to make this university and community a better place to live in.
The organization's main purpose is to foster harmonious relationship among parents, faculty, students, and administrators of Xavier University – College of Arts and Sciences. Serve as a venue by which the Parents and the Administration can raise mutual concerns, thereby, enhancing the quality of its service. Provide support to the Faculty and Students of College of Arts and Sciences. Protect and promote the general welfare and common interest of the Faculty and Staff and Students. It will also plan, propose and execute programs geared towards a dynamic and healthy growth and development of the members and of the faculty, staff, and students. It further encourages and develops active and meaningful involvement in planning and implementation of programs and projects of Xavier University- College of Arts and Sciences. Promote the advancement of a safe and healthy learning environment for the Students and Faculty. And inform, educate and motivate parents to become intelligent partners of Xavier University – College of Arts and Sciences in the education for their children.