CAS PFC Scholarship

The College of Arts and Sciences – Parents Faculty Council (CAS-PFC) gives scholarship to deserving undergraduate students from the college. The scholar is selected through a rigorous screening process wherein the students apply and provide necessary information to the CAS PFC scholarship committee. The final selected applicant that is endorsed by the committee shall then be approved by the CAS PFC officers. The scholarship contract covers full-tuition fee of the students for the entire school year. The following terms and condition of the contract includes:

1. Course: The scholar shall not change course after the scholarship has been awarded.

2. QPI requirement: The scholar is required to maintain a minimum semestral QPI requirement of 2.5.

3. Duration and retention of scholarship: The scholarship is for a semester, renewable for the next semester, provided that the scholar has fulfilled all the terms of the scholarship. In case of non-fulfillment of the grade requirement, the grantee will be placed on probation on succeeding semester and reduce the grant to 50%. Failure to further comply on the grade requirement shall cancel the scholarship grant.

If the student voluntary withdraws from the scholarship for any reason, his/her guardian shall be liable to pay full amount of the grant to the CAS-PFC. Failure to do so, the grantee shall be barred from enrollment to the College of Arts and Sciences. The CAS- PFC may opt to seek legal proceedings against the grantee and his/her parents/guardians and any case arising out of this contract shall be brought exclusively before the proper courts of Cagayan de Oro City.

4. Study load: The scholar should enroll for the required full load for the curricular year of his approved course.

5. Failure: an F (Failure) or AF (failure due to absence) in one subject or more despite meeting the required semestral QPI may be ground for termination of the grant.

6. Employment: The scholar must be a full-time student while on scholarship and shall not accept any full-time or part-time work.

7. Behavior: Good moral character and exemplary conduct are important criteria for the scholarship.

a. Misrepresentation of data related to obtaining of the scholarship, and/or terms of scholarship and any form of cheating or dishonesty are grounds for termination of the scholarship grant.

b. Misbehavior or failing health due to alcoholism, drug abuse or other unhealthful habits/conduct that would undermine CAS- PFC's reputation, standing and goodwill in the community or there may be other offenses not explicitly contained herein but which are clearly prejudicial and detrimental to the welfare or interest of the organization is ground for termination of the scholarship grant.

c. Any official sanction or penalty imposed on a scholar’s misconduct on as serious offense after formal investigation conducted through the Office of Student Affairs may also be a ground for termination.

8. The scholar must:

a. Attend meetings and participate in activities called and scheduled by CAS-PFC.

b. Submit every semester an updated personal information about any change of address, change in marital status, and if there is a legal action filed against her/him.

c. Render 10 hours of service as determined by the CAS Dean’s office.

d. Submit to the Dean’s office final marks/grades.

e. Meet and discuss with his/her mentor (assigned by the Dean’s office) at least twice a semester or as needed

f. Failure to comply with the above conditions shall mean non-renewal of scholarship.