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Down Payment

Payment of the minimum required down payment is a prerequisite to enrollment.

Down payment can be made in cash or check. However, should the check be dishonored and not replaced with cash within two weeks from original payment, the enrollment will be considered void and the student’s name will be deleted from the official enrollment list.

Assessment and Billing

After the period allowed for enrolling and the changing, dropping or adding of subjects, the Finance Office assesses the total of tuition, matriculation and fees due for each student. College students are charged tuition per contact-hour/ unit, not credit- or grade-hour/ unit while matriculation and fees are charged as applicable, regardless of the number of subjects for which the student is enrolled. Additional charges may also be posted to the student’s account during the course of the term. Copies of the assessment and Billing Ledger should be secured and reviewed by the student at least once every school term. Request for clarifications and/or adjustments should be referred to the Assessment-In-Charge at the Finance Office’s Window 10 right away. Parents and students who wish to receive electronic billings should email their request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

A student’s account may be paid in full at one time or in installments. The minimum installments due should be paid each month or before each major examination period (Preliminary, Mid-term, Semi-Final, and Final) as such payment is required to secure clearance for exams. The school may terminate the enrollment of a student who fails to pay two (2) consecutive installments of the due and demandable tuition and other school fees. No student records such as Transcripts and Certificates for whatever purpose shall be released prior to full payment of the student’s account.

Monthly Installment Amount Due = Total Assessment for the Term Less Required Down Payment
Number of Months in the Term

Payment Processing

The XU Finance Office is open to service payments from 8:30 am to 12:00 nn and from 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm on Mondays to Fridays & from 8:30 am to 11:30 am on Saturdays, except on non-working holidays. Extended servicing schedules for Enrollment, Mid-term and final exam periods are announced separately. Windows 2-5 of the Finance Office accept cash payments. Windows 1 and 12 accept payments in either cash or check.

Payments can also be made through designated banks and collecting agents. Payments which are to be remitted directly to the school from overseas should be advised/ coordinated in advance with the Office of the University Treasurer. Official receipts/ confirmation for payments made through banks and other channels may be requested at Window 6 of the Finance Office.

Official Receipts or validated copies of deposit slips should be secured as proof of payment.

Check Payments

On-date local and regional checks made out to Xavier University are accepted as payment except:

  • as final payment in order to secure a permit to Final Exams (the cut-off date for acceptance of check payments is announced before the end of each term)
  • as payment of an overdue account
  • when clearance to secure school records is immediately required
  • when the student’s account has a history of dishonored/ returned items

Should a check be dishonored by the bank, it must be replaced with cash within seven days of the payment. Otherwise, a penalty of 500.00 will be posted to the student’s account.

Full Payment Discount

A student who pays in full after the total of tuition and fees is determined but before the first installment becomes due is automatically entitled to a 3% discount on tuition, matriculation, and laboratory fees. Discount does not apply to fees paid by scholarships and by credit card.

Withdrawal Penalties

A student who withdraws his/ her enrollment for whatever reason shall be charged:

  • Before the opening of classes - Registration Fee
  • Within the 1st week of classes - 10% of the total amount due for the term
  • Within the 2nd week of classes - 20% of the total amount due for the term
  • Within the 3rd week of classes - 30% of the total amount due for the term
  • After the 3rd week of classes - 100% of the amount due for the term

For the summer term, as one week of classes is equivalent to three weeks of the regular semester, withdrawal must be made within the first week of classes in order not to be billed the cost for the whole summer term.

The withdrawal request must be made in writing and should be acknowledged and approved by the University Registrar.