05312024.Web.Banner Fr Mars P Tan SJ

As I officially start my presidency, allow me to express my deepestgratitude to all of you for your various expressions of support and trust in mystewardship of this University which we all hold in high esteem and pride.

My sincere thanks to my immediate predecessor, Fr Roberto C Yap, SJ,and the present President’s Council, for walking me through the much-neededpreparations for this leadership position especially in this time of thepandemic.
With the current crisis we are facing, I would like to appeal to all, to bemore patient and persevering in our work and studies. Let us not also forgetthe other members of our community unfortunately affected by such a crisis.

It is during this extraordinary time that extraordinary characters andgifts are best shown by all of us. No problem remains insurmountable if weare united and focused in fulfilling our vision and mission as a university andas one community.
Let me assure everyone that even as I am still adjusting with this newand quite tough task, I am ready and happy to serve you and the mission thatis Xavier Ateneo.

Above all, let us remain steadfast in our faith in the Most Merciful Godwho will accompany us and keep us strong in this very challenging academicyear.


Fr Mars P Tan SJ
University President