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My dear senior high school graduates, my warmest congratulations to all of you for having reached this peak of your basic education! My congratulations also to all your parents, guardians, and other members of the household who have guided and supported you in your online studies through thick and thin. Similarly, I would like to congratulate your teachers who have stuck it out with you amidst the difficulties imposed on all of us by the Covid pandemic.

I am very aware that this pandemic year has not been easy for each of you, aside from keeping you glued to your laptop, tablet or phones for hours and preventing you from going out to meet face to face your classmates and friends, all lessons and activities have to be learned through online. These are new to both you, students, and your teachers, and I know that you went through months of adjustments to be able to learn from the lessons, participate in the discussions, and submit the requirements. Yet you are able to succeed over all these challenges and now emerged triumphant, and this graduation day is a momentous proof of this achievement of yours.

My dear graduates, your senior high school graduation is also the beginning of a new chapter of your life. Many of you will continue your college studies, others will join the new workforce of young people, and a few others might opt to rest for a while. Whatever you will do, always remember that you are a Xavier Ateneo graduate and are equipped and capable of doing many good things for yourself and your country. Do not be afraid and always try to excel as an Atenean of resiliency with competence, compassion, and conscience. There will be countless challenges ahead of you but I know you can surmount them as you did in the past, your Ateneo education, the support of your families, your inner resilience and strength learned from a year of pandemic, and of course, God’s constant blessings will bring you to greater heights soon.

To those of you returning to Xavier Ateneo, I will wait for you here to welcome you back! And to those going to other schools and doing other things, I wish you all the best and never forget to visit us here once in a while.

Carry on, and may God bless all of you and your future endeavors! Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!


Fr Mars P. Tan SJ