05312024.Web.Banner Fr Mars P Tan SJ

University administrators, faculty, staff, and students, good evening to all of you. Happy Magis Awards evening to everyone!

Tonight is a special event for you, students, and your organizations, especially the top 15 organizations that will be recognized and honored with the Magis Awards. Those that won’t be able to make it this year, you still did your Magis, and the university knows this and still includes you among the top student organizations.

I hope you are all well and safe wherever you are now. The pandemic has impacted us and changed our way of life, educational platform, and engagement with one another. I never imagined having virtual celebrations, parties, and award ceremonies like what we have tonight. However, the pandemic has also enabled you to be more resilient and more creative in finding ways to continue the important things you have been doing aside from your studies. As student organizations, you came up with relevant projects under various themes on Mental Health, Physical Health, Sexual Health, Faith, COVID-19 Pandemic Response, Digital Media Literacy and Security, Civic Consciousness and Empowerment, Community Outreach, and Academics to serve your fellow students, the university community, and the larger society. You are able to show that you can still work and contribute to the greater good by expressing your ideas and feelings, using new solutions, and employing innovative technologies. 

The award you will receive tonight is symbolized by a simple piece of paper, wood or perhaps metal representing the prestige and honor of being a Magis Awardee. A medal, trophy, plaque, or badge is merely a symbol representing something of much greater value not just to you and your organization but to the entire University. The Magis Award represents the values that are dear to your school, Xavier Ateneo.

The award also reflects the achievement and performance of your organization during this year, your work ethics, teamwork, hard work, resourcefulness, ingenuity, and leadership among many student organizations in the university. But, more importantly, the award speaks of your values and aspirations as an organization to promote the Jesuit brand of excellence concretely manifested in your projects in the context of the Covid pandemic and other life’s realities of poverty, hunger, discrimination, corruption, injustices, and violence in our country.  

By doing so, your organization becomes a beacon of hope for other students, the university, and within the local community. So keep believing in yourself on what you can do for the country even as you are busy with your studies.

As students, stand to be counted and let your voice be heard through your projects, achievements, and activities. Be the light of hope for others during the pandemic and continue inspiring us with what you do and with the life you live.

My heartfelt congratulations to all the winners of Magis Awards 15! Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam.