Academically Excellent

A Xavier Ateneo graduate possesses a high level of competence in his/her field of
specialization allowing him/her to think and act critically and creatively, and conduct
research for the advancement of knowledge in his/her discipline.

Holistically Formed

A Xavier Ateneo graduate does what is right in the context of his/her religious faith and
convictions, respects diversity among peoples, serves as good stewards of creation,
while upholding the Ignatian values of magis, cura personalis and finding-God-in-all-

Socially Engaged

A Xavier Ateneo graduate possesses a deep sense of leadership and service allowing
him/her to engage actively as an agent of change to achieve sustainable development of
the people in Mindanao, the Philippines and the global community.

Globally Competitive

A Xavier Ateneo graduate is a life-long learner equipped with the competencies that
enable him/her to operate professionally, confidently and comfortably across borders,
cultures and languages, thereby transforming him/her into a global citizen committed
to shaping a just and peaceful world.

Experience Excellence

We call ourselves Xavier Ateneans, not for the sake of its revered name, but most importantly for its meaning and value. Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan is our common home, our creative space that nurtures our knowledge and wisdom to become "men and women for others." Beyond the classroom, there is a dynamic student life that hones our talents and skills. We are the youth of today — passionate and motivated towards reaching our goals ... and we believe in our dreams.

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