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XSF works toward sustainable natural resources management. It has various projects that aim to secure communities that are dependent on land resources for their livelihood, security and cultural identity.


  • Hydrology Study
  • Watershed Management
  • Payment for Ecosystem Services
  • Forest Protection and Conservation
  • Capacity-building for Tribal Communities

Rural Development

XSF believes that agriculture is the most inclusive sector in the Philippines where majority relies for a living. It seeks to include the rural farming communities in the country's economic growth.


  • Agricultural Extensions Services
  • Business Development Services

Managed Projects

XSF serves as a conduit of funds for its donors and partners. It acts as an initiator of innovative programs and cenvener of forums. It incubates development projects and captures experiences for instruction and research.


  • Documentation
  • Case Studies
  • Forums
  • Trainings
  • Knowledge Banking
  • Health and Culture Projects